Boots Outfit

in the spring?

Boots Outfit

Yes, it goes also times and the whole equal Day and Night.

In the first outfit you see about ten decades of clothes on me.The oldest is the cardigan.At the time of H & M and I guess eight to ten years old.She is not going to (am not sure if she ever did). But along with some bright underneath and just the top buttons too, she makes a nice Linine.Since it was a bit fresh, there is also a trench coat, likewise Hasi & Mausi and barely four years old.The newest are of course the boots, closely followed by the hat.

Combining new and old is particularly good when you pick up the right stuff. For this I wrote something a few days ago, which maybe help you there.

♥ Rock:sheego (so similar)
♥ Trench:Happy Size (so similar)
♥ Sweater S.Oliver/Triangle (so similar)

It is similar in the evening outfit.The same boots, the skirt is about a year old.Here I simply times estimated that the Glitzertrend a little longer and held right.The hot stockings are also two – three years old, I just take care of the and when I was in London, I had actually found a few in the same color, so there is already replacement in the drawer.

On the boots I find it good that it is suede and that they, despite being flat, also come over elegantly.Both on a daily and evening outfit.

Overall, it is similar to the “From Summer to Autumn” outfit in NATUREGNOSIS. So gradually the boots go into the boxes and the sandals come out.