Bra Sizes: Frequent Mistakes. Real Case

Today I want to tell a real case illustrating one of the major mistakes that cause many of you bear the size and bra cup completely wrong.

As an introduction, say that this case shows us once again that the wrong size bra cup and can cause serious discomfort in people with a considerable size of breasts. And many women carry a lot of weight in the chest.

This is the case of a client who wore size 115 Dd when its size was the 100 top H . Approximately more than one kilo on each breast, to give you an idea. We talk about European sizes, which are those we use in LoolasUp.

The measures of this client are: 101 cm contour under chest and 128 cm breast contour. Looking our size charts and glasses you can see that your size is 100  and the glass H.

That is, had 15 cm more than contono back of what correspodia with which:

  • The bra was not holding him almost nothing
  • The full weight of his chest rested on his shoulders making important and painful marks and scratches.
  • Bra back up her shoulder

Why had this size and drink?

We asked who sold the bra and responds in his usual corsetry. I get very angry with these things, I can not help … And in a case like this, with so much weight on your chest, you can do much damage to a person … and is avoidable harm.

There are two possible causes that could have caused such an error in your size and cup:
1.                              The person who attended in his usual corsetry had no training in terms of size and bra cups (bra fitting).
2.                              The habitualno corsetry estoc dispusiera of carving and glass of this client. It was offset carvings more than it should have been too many drinks.

In my humble opinion , neither one thing nor the other are excusable. Corsetry should have appropriately trained staff advising their clients. Regarding the estoc, my golden rule is ” If you do not have, is requested; never sell anything other than what the client needs. ”  Also in my opinion , when it comes to securing the chest, we talk about women ‘s health and this is not a subject to be taken lightly or, at least, in LoolasUp we take it very seriously.

Currently in Spain, the problem is widespread. And we do not say that there are no specialized corseterías estoc trained staff and enough sizes and cups. No. In fact, few know where the advice is great and they have variety of size. What we say is that there are not many .

On the other hand, the proliferation of low cost chains makes many women make the typical self service proving the sizes of the store available without advice (or little expertise) and buying often going bra less bad. Besides, the quality … but that is another issue which will be discussed on another occasion.


Well, this client wearing a bra Anita Comfort as we sell in LoolasUp carving and glass incorrect. That is why we insist that success in choosing a bra is:

50% quality bra + 50% correct cup size and

In this case the bra was quality and the model was adequate, but not the size and cup and the result was disastrous for our poor client.


The consequences for this customer were:

  • cervical pain overweight supported in the area of ​​the collarbone.
  • Poor posture back by poorly distributed weight (bra was not holding him properly).
  • Chest very fallen (it was near the waist).


Given the current situation, the best guarantee that these things fail to occur, is that every woman knows your size and bra cup . Thus, just as we know our shoe size and we never sell another number or less, in the bra would be the same.

In Loolas Up we advise you to never happen again. Ask us without obligation.

Until next time!