Bras and Necklines: a Wedding that can Be Perfect

Stylists give tips to get it right when matching the intimate piece with the desired look

Bras and Necklines: a Wedding that can Be Perfect

The bra is a garment easily found in most women’s wardrobes. But, although it is an item used by most of the ladybug, it is not always easy to combine the lingerie with the chosen clothing. To facilitate this task, some tips can be very useful when it comes to putting the intimate piece together with the chosen neckline. 

Currently, on Mathgeneral, prints and even technologies used in the production of bras gave its users a multitude of options. The designer of the Blu K, Keila Benicio, suggests that the purchase of the model should be made in specialized stores and the choice needs to take into account the situation in which it will be used:”Loop appearing needs to be a very charming model. Clothes, when it’s a more relaxed thing, that’s okay, “he explains. For her, the piece can play with the clothes used since it is in the most despoiled moments, never in the work environment. And, in order not to err in the demand, the model will take-that-fall is a joker piece, can be used with any type of clothing.

Fashion designer Julia Fantin, from the Loungerie underwear brand, gives tips on how to combine each model of bra with the most varied types of necklines. From the canoe-style to the outside, there are options to fit the intimate garment to not slip into elegance. Check it.

-> Canoe Neckline

So that the loops do not appear, the take-it-fall is the ideal piece. But it is also possible to use handles worked with lace to give an extra charm in the production.

-> Ballet Neckline

For this neckline any models and bra can be used. From the demi, with smaller bumps, or push-ups. The full coverage pieces are ideas because they give more support and coverage to the breasts.

-> Costas de Fora

Ideally, do not let your bra show. Some models have sticky sides that adhere to the body, perfect for this type of neckline.

-> Single Front

Take-it-down bras and removable shoulder straps are ideal for this type of clothing.

-> Swimline

Swim-type bras are ideal for this type of neckline. They fit perfectly with the modeling not letting the intimate part appear.

-> V-neck

The push-up is ideal for V-necklines as they value the deeper neckline by increasing the volume of the breasts and leaving them closer.

For training

When it comes to work out, the choice of bra, in fact the top, should take into account comfort and health. The designer Andrea Albuquerque, from Pratadacasa, advises that the piece needs to have an ideal fit for the body and lighter fabrics:”The bra that is used for training is the top, it gives more support and adheres better to the body. Is the interlaced top, which can be used along with the race,”he says. Andrea also suggests the swimmer model, which has a more adequate measurement in the back and does not hurt the spine in the cervical area. After choosing the most comfortable model, the combinations with regattas, baby looks or even the use of only the top, goes of the preference of each one.