Brigitte Bardot Inspires the Blue Bird’s Summer Shoes

The Blue Bird Shoes opens the summer season inspired by Brigitte Bardot, French actress, who in passage by Brazil fell in love with the resort of Buzios, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. And is in the midst of this cultural exchange, that the label features the Endless Summer collection.

New construction high heels landing for the first time in a collection of the brand. Sandals with heels of 7 cm are the highlights in the neoprene strips versions or straw, both with colorful dedruns. Still in the leap of 7 cm, the brand presents a series of heel slingbacks, with stripes, stars, little mouths, coconut trees, flowers and other fun touches. The collection brings, still, thick heels and anabelas with rope. The loafers are still the hallmark of Blue Bird Shoes, present in 40% of the collection, produced handmade with over 108 processes.

Brigitte Bardot and Blue Bird share the same initials, a coincidence that only made the bet by the star be more assertive for the conception of the collection, which was divided into 4 Sub-themes. Buzios walk, have the journey of actress to Brazil, in the 60, as a starting point with nautical, tropical, elements of the fauna and flora of the Brazilian coast, as birds, shells and flowers. Already A la Bardot, Parisian references and the naturalness of Brigitte, who is represented in poás, ties, us and French words. Colorful summer is fun, quite colorful and presents varied color chart and vibrant words. And the Basics, betting in new construction in order to accompany the clients in various occasions, either with heel shoes, sandals and anabelas, without leaving aside the comfort and timelessness of brand shoes.

The connection between Brazil and France is strongly felt in this collection, by means of various elements and symbols. In addition to everything that the city of light reveals and inspires love. The colors arrive happy and receive the Blue Bird Shoes drinks names like: Aperol (orange), Mojito (green), Blue Lagoon (blue), Bloody Mary (red), Pink Lemonade (Pink). A pinch of fun giving the taste that the station has.

“In every collection we love to have to reinvent ourselves, mainly, in our classical constructions like loafers, flats and mules. It is a delightful challenge to make new embroideries that generate desires in our customers, “explains Michelle Lima, designer and brand partner.

Sobre a Blue Bird Shoes

Of the partners Michelle Lima and Paula Proushan, the brand created in 2013 is the result of the development of a fashion for contemporary, creative and custom shoes. Brazilian, Blue Bird Shoes without heel shoe betting and focuses your slippers, us production model that was born in the 15th century to warm the feet of European royalty in their homes, that since your modernization in 60 years is also called loafer. Manufactured handmade way – Assembly of the product is made in following the process of rail assembly line of Italian factories – the BLUE BIRD shoes are produced 100% leather, from the bottom up to the ceiling. The templates are and each one brings your own history, created and told by the duo who signs the brand. The trademark Blue Bird is a blue grosgrain. “klein”, present in the heel and all models. Currently, there are three stores in Sao Paulo, one in Rio de Janeiro, e-commerce and presence in 20 multibrand, besides permanent showroom in New York.