Budget Friendly Fashion Tips

Palm trees and pink – is just bought
I am during the winter has been very pleased with pencilskirts in jersey. Therefore I could not stand for this delicate matter with glorious Palm pattern. Since I have long dreamed of adding a peplumtop to the wardrobe, it was also difficult to ignore this one.

Peplumtop up to size 4XL, 179 USD + shipping, H & M

Skirt, up to size 3XL, 79.95 USD + shipping, H & M

It is for me two good pieces of clothing, since the skirt can be used for everyday with a t-shirt and to party with a nice upper. Peplumtoppen can give the edge to a pair of weekday jeans and will at the same time also do well with a nice skirt for the party.

While the above was bought on impulse, is it a little to keep the tongue straight into his mouth and remember what I really missing:
Of parts and everyday dresses

Top with wrap-around effect, up to size 50, ca. 400 USD + shipping, Booth

Here is double up on all that good. Wrap-around effect with wrinkles, which camouflages the tummy as well as v-neck, which gives the illusion of a longer neck. I already have four copies of a similar model with long sleeves but considering this, so they liberated the upper arms can get some air.

shirt dress, up to size 52, 499 DKK, Violeta by Mango

I love the shirt dresses, because they just right is to take on when I need to quickly out the door and easy to style with various accessories. The strap makes it easy to select the waist.

Jersey, up to size 52, approximately 186 USD + shipping, GAP
This Jersey, I am very excited about, because it is short and therefore ends in my waist instead of where my hips is widest, so the frame and highlights my ass. So therefore it will also immediately purchased. It will be perfect together with Palm tree skirt.

a little outside the number I’m pretty snug on these pants:
Fusion between jeans and the soft trousers

Pants up to size 52, 499 DKK, Violea by Mango

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