Cameras Intelbras: the 12 Best and Cheapest Models

Looking for the best Intelbras cameras?

If you are an installer or even looking for products to use in your home, in addition to the price, you also seek quality and a reliable brand.

We at the CCTV blog have separated for you, dear reader, the main models of cameras that Intelbras offers and that we have certainly used (and will continue to use) in our projects.

1. Intelbras IR 1010b Camera

The Bullet IR Intelbras 1010 B camera is a cheap and powerful camera, with a 10 meter film and intelligent technology.

That allows the camera to shoot even with the interference of weather events, such as sunlight, rain etc.

The camera performs the images at a 720p resolution, which is equivalent to high definition images.

It is small, being perfect for monitoring small spaces.

As it is made from a sturdy material, it is ideal for places that have sea air or have low light.

Tip of Use: The Intelbras 1010 B Bullet IR camera works well both outdoors and indoors.

It will be possible to shoot in HD within the limit of this camera, which is 10 meters.

By having a smart IR, this product is capable of reproducing images perfectly even in poorly lit environments and adverse weather conditions.

2. Intelbras Vip S3020 Camera

The Intelbras VIP S3020 camera has an HD resolution, with a 3.6 mm lens.

By having an intelligent system, the camera is capable of shooting with HD, at a resolution of 1.7 megapixels.

That is, even at night, this camera is capable of shooting sharply – even if it is raining.

Both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to all these qualities, one of the main features of the S3020 VIP camera is its cost-effectiveness, especially if we compare other options on the market with the same technical specifications.

That is, ideal for anyone who is looking for a good camera, cheap, HD movie and that does not represent a very expressive investment for the budget.

Another great differential of this camera is that through an application that can be downloaded from the site of Intelbras, the owner can monitor the images of the camera through yoursmartphone, tablet or any device that has access to the internet.

3. Bullet Ir Bullet Camera Intelbras Vhd 3120 B G3

To install a security system in your home, you do not have to invest a lot of money, as many peoplebelieve.

Intelbras Bullet IR VHD 3120 B G3 cameras  have high resolution images, featuring HD videos.

Its 720p images feature IR technology , enabling this security system to achieve clear images in both dark and bright environments.

This camera is coated with a metal case that protects the camera against voltage surges, which ensures its continuous operation.

Tip of use: This camera works very well in both external and internal areas.

Its use is recommended for both homes and businesses.

This product is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful yet inexpensive security system.

4. Bullet Ir Intelbras Vhd 3130 B G3

For those who are looking for a quality security system at an affordable price, the Bullet IR  VHD 2130 B G3 is the ideal choice in quality and value for money.

This is because the camera features HD resolutionimages, with a range of 30 meters.

As this was not good enough, this product has an IR intelligence system, which allows high-definition images to be made even in low-light environments, ideal for nighttime use.

Usage tips: The Intelbras VHD 3130 works well indoors and outdoors.

However, due to its technical specifications, this product is more suitable for companies and organizations that already work with this type of product.

For residential use, this product meets all needs to provide total protection to your assets.

5. Bullet Ir Camera Intelbras Vhd 1120 B

The Intelbras  Bullet IR VHD 1120 B cameras  are a great product in terms of cost-effectiveness and practicality.

With 3.6mm lenses and an IR of 20 meters range, this product has an infrared sensor, and can make perfect images in low light environments.

It is a small camera and coated with a plastic that protects it from ultraviolet rays.

In addition, the VHD 1120 B has an intelligent IR system, which makes it possible to produce images in high quality even when the environment is very bright or dark.

Being perfect for home use.

Usage Tips: This camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and is perfect for residential use.

6. Intelbras HDV Dome Camera VHD 5020 D (Product Discontinued)

For those who are looking for a powerful camera to monitor heritage, the Intelbras Dome HDV VHD 5020 D cameras   are one of the best options on the market at an affordable price.

This camera shoots in high definition, with 1080p imageresolution .

In addition, it also features intelligent IR that allows the camera to work perfectly in dark or bright environments.

In addition, the great differential of this product is thetechnologies OSD and WDR, that allow a better visualization and sharpness of the obtained images.

Usage Tips: This camera works best on large, spacious areas, regardless of whether it’s an indoor or outdoor environment.

Its large capacity technology ensures the best images, even in the dark or in very bright environments.

This type of product is more suitable for companies, to compose a robust security system.

However, it is also ideal for protecting homes that has a large backyard, for example.

7. Intelbras Dome Ir Vhd 1010 D Camera

The camera Dome IR VHD 1010 D is one of the cameras Intelbras line HDCVI having images in high definition with 720p resolution.

In addition, this camera has intelligent IR, which allows shooting even in the dark overall or in low light.

For those who are looking for a cheap camera, this is one of the best cost-effective options available in the market.

Perfect for indoor use.

Usage Tips: This camera is intended for indoor use, such as indoors, in a children’s room, or even in the backyard.

Its scope is short because this product was developed for residential use.

It is a small, lightweight camera that can be installed anywhere in the house with total discretion.

8. Dome IR VHD 3120 D G3

This is one of the Intelbras cameras that offers great image quality at an affordable price.

The Intelbras VHD 3120 D G3 IR Dome has 720p image resolution, which will ensure high definition of the footage.

Using analog and digital technology, this product offers intelligent solutions in a case that offers protection and more durability to the camera.

This product has the OSD and VHD Control menutechnologies, which allows the user to use Multi-HD technology, allowing the control of several cameras in a single environment.

Usage tips: The Intelbras VHD 3120 D G3 IR Dome is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

However, for filming in high definition environments with low or no brightness.

This product is especially indicated by those who are looking for a safe, practical and budget-friendly security system.

9. Intelbras Dome Vip Ip Camera S4020 G2

The first feature perceived in the Intelbras DOME VIP IP S4020 G2 camera is the protector that lines the camera against external agents.

This product has a range of 20 meters, with 1 MP and 720p resolution, resulting in high definition images of quality.

It has a scanning system that allows images with more detail and sharpness.

Its cost-effectiveness is one of the best in the market, especially if we compare its technology in relation to the price.

The DOME VIP IP S4020 G2 camera has technology that automatically notifies a device every time a person / object is registered on their lenses.

Usage Tips: This camera works best indoors.

It has Intelligent Infra Red technology, which will guarantee more quality and clarity of the images in low or no light environments.

10. Intelbras Hdcvi Vhd 3130 Vf Camera

The camera Intelbras HDCVI VHD 3130 VF is a powerful tool to monitor your project, with a rangeof 30 meters and smart infrared system.

That enables the best image quality in low or no light environments.

One of its main features is its varifocal lens, which allows the camera to change its focus according to distance.

It films at 720p (HD), which results in sharper images and richer detail. It’s a powerful camera with a good value for money.

Tips for use: the Intelbras HDCVI VHD 3130 VF camera is more suitable for outdoor use.

Both for its reach (which is too large for homes) and for its lens, which is capable of focusing objects even over great distances.

Intelligent IR will allow you to shoot at night with the same quality.

In addition, this camera has a coated case, which guarantees protection against the most varied climates and external agents.

11. Cameras Intelbras Bullet Ir Vhd 3230 B

One of the main features of the Intelbras Bullet IR VHD 3230 B camera is its Full HD (1080p) resolution, which, coupled with intelligent IR, enables the shooting of high definition images even in environments without any lighting.

In addition, this camera has a range of 30 meters, which makes it perfect for the complete monitoring of your project.

The camera is coated in a metal bracket which, in addition to being easy to adjust, provides more protection to the camera.

With one of the best value for money on the market, the Intelbras Bullet IR 3230 B is one of the best options available.

Usage Tips: This camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

By being discreet and easy to install, the Intelbras Bullet IR VHD 3230 B can be used in both homes and businesses.

12. Intelbras Vhd 3140 Vf Camera

With a range that can reach 40 meters, the Intelbras VHD 3140 VF cameras record the images in HD, with a resolution of 720p.

It has varifocal lens, which allows the camera to register objects that are miles away from its patrimony, guaranteeing maximum security.

This product also features an Intelligent IR system, which enables you to shoot images with richness of sharpness and detail even in the darkest environments.

In bright environments, the Intelbras VHD 3140 VFcamera is also capable of delivering great images.

Usage tips: Because it has a wide range and varifocal lens, the Intelbras VHD 3140 VF camera is suitable for monitoring outdoor areas.

It is easy to install and very discreet. It also has special protections against electric shorts and a case coated against adverse climatic conditions and external agents.

Intelbras Cameras – Conclusion For The Reader

We hope that this list with the best security cameras in A2zcamerablog from Intelbras will help you when choosing a model to install in your assets and compose your security system.

In this list, you have seen which are the best models to install indoors and outdoors. Use this guide to base yourself and see which option is best for you.