CAMI Dress: Indispensable In The Wardrobe Of Any Woman

It also qualifies as a classic in women’s closet. The CAMI dress appeared in 1960 in subtly adjusted to the body. At the time it was a contrast to sets of dresses run, success in the Decade of 1950.

The main feature of the tube is cut straight and simple, what values the curvaceous feminine silhouette. So also are versatile and welcome on different occasions.

Making more basic or more chic is the choice of fabric, colour and finish. The tube falls right on the desktop, providing you have a discrete length and behaved. Ideally at the knees. Bet on a model with thicker tissue and that do not check both the body. Neutral colors, such as gray and black, are good choices. See here. But nothing prevents to use something more colorful. See this option.

Now, if the intention is an edgier look for evening wear, invest in length with an inch above the knees. In fact, time that values women more low. Modeling with details how lace, embroidery and transparency increment visual. See here.

The tube goes up for more formal events. The higher the formality of the occasion, the longer it must be also the dress. Good idea is to finish off the look with a cintinho. Feet, high heels. Elegant and chic. See here.

The light-colored and printed versions are more for looks. The trick is to combine with sandals or flats and light accessories. With this model you can go shopping, visit a friend. What counts is the comfort. See here and here.

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