Camping without Perrengue

11 to 16 days of October rolled in Sao Paulo the Adventure Sports Fair, the most important event of Latin America dedicated to the universe of sports and adventure tourism. As we are fascinated by the subject and we are constantly looking for the latest on this market to share with readers of the blog, we visited the fair and do we inspire to produce various content for you.

While we visited booths devoted to the world of camping, I was surprised to see that the equipment are increasingly innovative and all with one goal in common: to improve the experience of people camping, offering amenities and facilities that were once considered incompatible with the practice of camp according to

There are some who think a true heresy small luxuries available to accompany the infallible tent + double sleeping bag, after all the original proposal of camping is just approaching the nature and encountering a lack of some items that are part of our daily life in the city, as hot bath, kitchen equipment and even the toilet!

Regardless of your (and our) opinion about these products, know that they exist is at least curious and here I listed those most surprise us and that would make your camping experience more comfortable and almost luxurious.

Hot bath!

This is the fear of most people who refuses to camp: face the cold shower! However, there are different items on the market that can help the adventurers who enjoy the hot bath: from more elaborate equipment, with water pump and system that generates energy to heat the water from the car engine, even a sealed bag that, to be kept filled with water in the Sun, not only heats the water as it keeps hot for shower.

And to complete the comfortable bathroom scenario, companies like Nautika produce boxes of bath with the same material of the tents. Just mount and ensure privacy while bathing.

Private in Wild camping.

And wash your hands in the Bush or those rotten banheirinhos of campsites around?! It’s a pain for many people. So, adhere to the portable toilets.

They follow the same format we’re used to and keep the waste in a separate compartment to be discarded later. And don’t worry that the companies also produce booths in the same material of the tents. Just ride, put the toilet in and ready! The private bathroom and comfortable is ready!

Grill Pan

And time to eat at the campsite? Life doesn’t need to summarize the instant noodles prepared in the clique of the stove! Cheetah brand, for example, sells a grill pan, which can be used on the stove or Campfire Grill any type of food. Good stuff!

Then, when your friend more demanding that say no deal Camping with the guys because he hates spending perrengue, you can show him this post and convince him that, in addition to experience contact with nature and the tranquility of camping on a beach or desert mountain, hot bath, private bathroom and good food!!

The development of the market of adventure tourism there. To offer the delicious experience of venturing to more and more people and people profiles. And everyone wins with this.

If you want to know the price of such equipment and of so many others, meet our virtual store !