Cardigans Buttoned or Unbuttoned

That has spread a bad habit among stylists, plus size clothing brands and many plus size women. It is something with the scarce the top button of the Cardigan. In the beginning I thought that perhaps it was inspired by 1940s style, where it was very normal to unbutton a round-necked cardigan on the way.

But I lurked quickly what it is really about: When you buttons the top button in your cardigan, so you’re creating a tent shape. And that’s exactly the worst thing you can do for your plus size figure. The last thing you need after all to see wider out! Moreover, it is a very small pigeagtig look, it gives – why you (read: Gametate) again and again think it’s cool to cram adult women in the shape, is a mystery to me. And it is a mystery to me why so many adult women take it look for good items.

You will probably also encounter many sales assistants, who are trying to sell you a cardigan, you really can’t fit, by saying to you ‘ when can just unbutton the top button ‘. So here you can see how it is going to take it out. And it will never hide the fact that you really can’t fit the Cardigan. You can always look at your radiance, that you go in any clothing that doesn’t sit real well.

On these pictures of me in my absolute favorite cardigan you can hopefully see what I’m talking about. On the first image I have buttoned the top button, and check out just how my breasts look wide, flat and completely wrong out while my waist disappears in substance, there are scrambling to stand out from my body. Exactly like all the tent dresses hide the waist and hip. In addition, the reverse outward opening on the Cardigan to lead his gaze outward, so you look broader like.

Conversely, a buttoned button at the waist – as you see in the second picture of me – help shape your body and either highlight or create one more hour glassy shape. Beautiful and female! What happens is that someone else’s gaze (and your own) will be pulled toward the center of the closed button, and at the same time, create a V-neckline that makes your neck anymore to look at and a large bosom as my robes. Moreover, the narrower opening of the Cardigan creates a long line that gets your gaze to run up and down, so you seem taller and narrower.

to me this is a brilliant example of that clothing for plus size women should never be about to hide, but should be about highlighting and shape your figure. Do not accept how stylists and designers in standard sizes, you should dress you think – their starting point is often that you should save your body away. Rank your back, and be wise with your clothes. The right cut and a few tricks can get yourself – and others – to see all of the best things about your character! Even if it just is that scarce a second button …