Carnival for the Wedding

Regardless of which car is used during the wedding, a very special role is assigned to it. With the decorated car either the bride goes to the church or the bridal couple to the town hall and then to the wedding celebration or the location. For most wedding couples a special wedding car is indispensable. It is just for her to get married. In the following guide you will find the different possibilities how the car decoration can look for the wedding.

How can the car be decorated for the wedding?

Jewelery for bonnet – flower arrangements and wreaths

The bridal couple is usually looking for the car decoration for the wedding itself. The florists offer special beautiful arrangements and wreaths. They also usually provide an attachment option:either the attachment using a suction cup or magnet is used. Recommended is the suction cup, which can be easily removed after the wedding ceremony.Magnets can scratch the paint.Whether you prefer a small wreath or a pompous arrangement is up to you.Carschmuck is available in all possible variations.

What flowers are suitable for the arrangement?

The flowers used for the wedding car are mostly similar to the classic wedding flowers. Very popular are roses , but also tulips, hydrangeas or peonies. White lilies are also popular. They look festive and graceful. The imagination knows no limits. From the different flowers a colorful arrangement is conjured, which is very stylish. If you want flowers for your wedding car, you should be advised by an experienced florist, because he knows about wedding car jewelry.

Wide selection of car jewelry for the wedding

Carschmuck is available in all possible variations. More complex arrangements and wreaths are composed of flowers, rings and ribbons. Also figures and garlands are gladly used. Very popular for the bonnet is a pink decoration in the heart shape. She graces her as a romantic lay-on. The flowers are pasted and heart shaped. Just opt ​​for an arrangement that fits well with you and the wedding car.

Rings for the bonnet as a classic jewelery

Since rings are a classic symbol of marriage, there is no better car charm than the combination of wedding rings and white flowers.This is very festive, forms a tasteful ensemble and is liked by wedding couples who want to demonstrate their love.If you want something more special, you can opt for this car jewelery for the wedding.

Two connected hearts

Two hearts that are connected to each other are very romantic and radiate a lot of love and happiness. Ideal is a combination of pink and green, because this is very sensual.If you like it, you can add two plush daddies.

White ribbons and loops

Bands or loops in the color white can decorate the antennas, exterior mirrors or door handles of the wedding car, but also the vehicles of the wedding guests.Everyone knows immediately who belongs to the wedding society.After the wedding the bride and groom also likes to leave the car to remember the wonderful day.

“Just Married” sign and tin cans

“Just married” signs are also very popular. For example, they are attached to the rear window as a car decoration for the wedding. Cans at the wedding car are another option. The clattering tin cans are meant to drive out the evil spirits, to continue to bring happiness to the bride and groom. It starts with a happy marriage. Of course, they are also well liked, as they are a very original view. For this, you can tie the cans to any cord and attach them to the exhaust of the car. They should contain the inscription “Just married”. If you do not want to tinker them yourself, the cans are also available in the internet in a nice wedding design. For too long you should not drive with the cans, as they are rather an optical highlight.

Car faucets as car jewelery

Striking flags are another very popular car decoration for the wedding. They are fixed to the car window and decorated with the two names, the wedding date and rings or hearts. They embellish the wedding car in a very special way. There are many motifs and variants, so that for every taste and style, the right carpet is there. If you want, you can use the flags not only for your own car as a car decoration, but also to the wedding guests.This creates a uniform image at the wedding column and attracts attention.

Decorate the wedding car without flowers

If you do not want to have flowers as a car decoration for the wedding, you can embellish the car instead with ribbons, garlands or balloons in heart shape. They can be attached to the antenna or to the exterior mirrors.

What jewelry is there for the wedding guests’ cars?

White loops can be attached not only to the bridal car to the antenna, to the mirror or door handle, but also to decorate the cars of the wedding guests . These car loops can be made by hand with satin, organza and tulle tape. You only have to cut the white ribbon into pieces and tie it to the nice loop.This Autodeko is also available prefabricated.When all the cars of the guests are uniformly decorated, the caravan cares for even more attention.

Find the right wedding car

Before you are concerned about how you would like to decorate the wedding car, you should first choose the vehicle type. Absolutely romantic and fabulous is the ride with a carriage. If you prefer the great style, choose a limousine. Still others dream of being driven in a vintage car.The color of the car also plays an important role.To a black oldtimer, for example, is a set of white delicate flowers and ribbons.If you have chosen the right car, you can plan which car jewelery it should be for the wedding.


The decorations are usually given a lot of importance during a wedding celebration. The festive period in which the church is celebrated and the church are beautifully decorated. But also the vehicle with which the bride and groom is driving should be festively illuminated with matching car decoration for the wedding. The wedding car is thus a highlight and a very popular photo-motif. No matter whether it is simple or opulent flower decorations, a “just married” sign, tin cans or car stickers from, when decorating the wedding car, creativity is almost limitless. Permitted is what pleases and fits. What is important is that the car jewelery should be fastened well and the bride and groom of course not too fast.On the other hand, this is for security, and on the other hand, you attract more attention.