Carpet Kitchen: Suggestions

The kitchen is one of the most experienced areas of a house. In the kitchen prepares to eat, that produce, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, Ridding, falls into place, making coffee and is savored in the company of friends. The kitchen is the nerve center of all the family activities.

The vintage kitchen is one of the places where the carpet reveals an absolutely indispensable complement.

First in its practical function of a tool to protect the floor from falling objects that can cause damage.

The two focal points of the food to be preserved with the help of carpets are the sink and stove.

If these two elements are mounted on the same wall you prefer long carpets or rugs comfortable, practical and highly decorative framing the long wall of the kitchen.

If sink and stove are separated or uses a unique mat to be moved if necessary or more convenient than two mats solution perfectly matched to each other.

Because in the kitchen, be applied in many tools and products that might fall on our carpet, placed at floor protection is also important to make sure to choose models whose cleaning are simple and fast.

There are, in fact, stain-resistant models, non-slip, bamboo… especially designed and developed just to meet the needs of women of thing you like to keep tidy and clean your kitchen, without being damned in strenuous cleaning companies.

Runner kitchen with an absolutely modern design pattern Love LaVelaHome.

A narrow carpet and long, 50 cm to 245 cm, characterized by non-slip material on the bottom (that makes it highly secure) and fully machine washable (cold water with no spin).

A practical and comfortable model for an environment like the kitchen, called to give the same decorative highlight of great originality.

On the surface, in fact, on a dark gray background, stand out in white, in different sizes and formats, words in praise of love and good feelings.

A carpet designed for the most demanding housewives in terms of cleaning the house and most romantic in terms of aesthetics and finishing of each environment.

More traditional taste model Sunflower LaVelaHome .

A runner of 52 cm to 240 cm, equipped with non-slip vinyl substrate and surface digital printing.

A simple model to clean and maintain: washable at 30 degree machine.

essential characteristic, its vintage print: Wooden tiles on which bloom giant yellow sunflowers, create a realistic and impressive framework.

The carpet for its sophistication and subtlety can be adapted both to the style of classic furniture that modern.

Bamboo runner from the kitchen Home Textiles.

A carpet of 60 cm for 200 cm, formed by the bamboo strips of 15 mm each, finished with a thick and resistant edging and equipped with non-slip backing.

Home Textiles manufactures this model in nine different colors, to match online or in contrast with the furniture prevailing tones: brown, brown, yellow, orange, red, purple, green, blue, black.

In any color is chosen, this runner bamboo is very useful in the kitchen because it is a washable surface with the floor.

When the hostess is going to wash with a damp cloth on the floor, can, in fact, also quietly clean the runner, leaving it always clean and without affecting the vibrancy of its colors.

For simplicity of its cleaning, carpets bamboo are best sellers and dominate the scene of the modern kitchens at least five years.