Carpet: PVC or PE?

Before starting the post I apologize for the quality of the photo, but I couldn’t get a good with the girls in this new carpet, so was the cell phone!

Carpet: PVC or PE?

Once again I’m going to talk about a product that I consider essential for anyone who has a child at home, carpet. And if you are pregnant riding outfit and think it’s a product that you will only need more for front, mistake your … from the third or fourth month you will use a lot to let your baby lying face down or on position that he wants to stay without risk of injury. And from this day forward will be an item of your home decor!

Those who have not read the first post I made, it pays to understand why I’m so fond of that product (see here)

This first rug that I bought is PVC and now my newest acquisition is made of PE.

So today I will tell you the difference between these materials for those who still didn’t get to choose what you feel is appropriate.

PVC is Polyvinyl PVA or best-known, vinyl. And PE is polyethylene.

As I have two models, can speak in detail the characteristics of each. But I advance that any one of them is a great option. Whereas most mothers use alternatively to protect their children from falls or even to line the floor those plates of EVA for being cheap and collapsible. For those who don’t know, these boards are bad in terms of hygiene. Because they are porous, they absorb a lot of dirt and if you wipe with a cloth with water or alcohol, she gets damp, which facilitates the proliferation of bacteria.

PVC or PE rugs are indeed more expensive than EVA boards, but worth every penny. And we’re not talking about too exorbitant a cost values that you have a time and will use for months or even years if you have more than 1 child.

Visually the carpets of PVC and PE are very similar. Only those who have both options can differentiate.

The PVC is the top in that category, is the best material that could be used in a carpet for children. That’s why it costs more. But it is a rug that you’ll have for years without spoiling. Ideal for who is the first child and intends to buy 1 x only. However the PE is also an excellent carpet and more accessible, and leaves nothing to be desired when the goal is to have a backup for children to play safely. So if you are on tight budgets, the PE is the best option.

I separated some characteristics and compared:

-A rug G cost on average R PVC $650. Already the XG cost R PE $400.

-Both are light and easy to carry. But the PE is right.

-The PVC has rubbery texture and is very soft to stomp and visually is more opaque. The PE plastic and the texture is brighter. In practice I felt a difference barefoot because of PE looks like carpet “sticks” a little feet. It’s more the feeling even. On the other hand loved children because it makes “little noise” at the time stepped in.

-The vinyl is much more resistant. Because I usually support a heavy table on the carpet and PVC is marked but after some. In PE the feet of tables were marked, not left and even ripped a bit the carpet.

In the end none of that matters to children and to parents. Today I can compare the two so I know that is a superior carpet. But if I didn’t know, the EP meeting all my needs of safety and fun without question. So does my PVC goes to the home of my parents, and I was with the PE in my living room.

I hope I have helped you and not confused even more!

Before you ask me, my model is the XG, the greatest of them all. For me is ideal because as I have 2 children can get the “stuff” of the two and have plenty of room.

I’ll indicate where I bought my 2 carpets and in every link you can check the measurements, drawings, and values.

PVC carpet, click HERE

PE mat, click HERE

Are companies in the same group. And for questions:

More than recommend!!!

For those who don’t have toy room like me, get ready to replace your beautiful carpet of the room by a giant carpet and all in color! Why choose a theme that don’t bother so much because you shall dwell with him in your face for a long time!