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P2 Volume Gloss Nail Polish “Funky Babe” – The Perfect Springpink

Somehow I break at the time more and more frequently from my nail polish routine and attack synonymous times to colors, which so far rather come too short. So my nails are currently immersed in a beautiful turquoise (blogpost follows!) And recently they shone again in the perfect spring spitz.

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Skin Care And Hair During Pregnancy

Hair And Skin Of Pregnant Usually Changes, Mainly By The Actions Of Hormones Of Pregnancy

skin and hair care in pregnancy

Skin care and hair during pregnancy. The gestation phase carries significant organic changes to the mother-to-be, both external as internal. External changes more seen are those relating to hair and skin, which are extremely fragile, requiring special care. Continue reading

Ancient Ways to Wash Hair

L ‘water may be the only true cosmetic with which to wash their hair. For centuries, Japanese women have cared for their wonderful crow-black hair with’ rice water, using the action of restructuring ‘starch and’ inositol, that stimulate growth and make hair stronger. Obviously, there is only this water.Here is a guide to understanding its variants, buy it ready, make it at home or confezionarne a variant. Continue reading

Nail Art: Nail with the British Flag


Nail art is the new fashion to decorate your nails with various patterns. The success of this trend must be wide possibility of personalization of the decorations. In fact, just a little ‘imagination and the use of stencils, enamels, powders and various applicators that are easily found on the market and even the most novice can perform a perfect nail art. For those who love the Great Britain and has some head with the Union Jack and wants to combine it with nails, that’s an indication of how to achieve it. Continue reading

Allergie Minerale Make up

It happened to have allergies to mineral makeup? Often dermatologists recommend the use of mineral makeup for patients with rosacea, dermatitis problems, acne, sensitive or oily skin because these products contain inorganic dyes that minimize the chances of causing irritation or allergic reactions that are often found with classic cosmetics.Who has these problems should in fact avoid cosmetics containing parabens, silicones, paraffin, nickel, petrolatum or other potentially harmful substances. Continue reading

How to Choose Mineral Foundation

Discovering mineral Foundation: how to choose one appropriate to your face for a natural skin tone as possible while covering skin blemishes. The Foundation is used by women, but should have very specific characteristics: be gentle on the skin, have a adjustable coverage and be lightweight. Let us find out the characteristics of mineral Foundation to find the perfect one for us! Continue reading

Skin Products to Be Careful in Pregnancy

When to think about care in pregnancy, most women tends to reflect on what they eat or ingest, is about the amount of caffeine, protein or folic acid.Less common is worrying about what’s going on on the surface of the body, although the subject is equally important for the well-being of the pregnancy and the developing baby. Continue reading

How to Lighten Dyed Hair? Step By Step!

Once all has happened to us that we want to get a new look, but it turns out that, oh my God!, our hair has been dyed with a super dark and gives us fear that at the time of discolor it is misused.Because all we know that none wants to have dry and damaged hair, rather we want that us is a hair healthy, strong, and full of life. Then, we want the sky opens and us of the magic solution to our problem, right?. Continue reading