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Endless Summer – Party Outfit with Plus Size Maxi Dress

Finally… the temperatures rise and the festivals can be celebrated with sunshine and good weather and enjoyed. And for just as a great summer party with nice people, good food and wonderful conversations I was looking for an outfit. Elegant, it should be, but seem not too overdressed. Airy and easily should it be, but provide enough protection in the evening – if there will be some fresh. Prefer a plus size Maxi dress. And how should it be otherwise… also found. Continue reading

How to Choose Perfect Sport Bra

Few know, but the choice of sport underwear is as important as the choice of the equipment itself. Many are investing in their clothes and shoes to the incredible features, but unfortunately the choice of the below very often escapes this vigilance.

At lemon curve, we know the importance of quality and especially adapted to the practice of sport underwear. Check out our tips to combine efficiency, practicality and especially comfort.

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Choose the Right Sport Bra

When it comes to choosing a bra for pleasure, you know most of the time what you please. But when it comes to opt for a more functional and technical model, many questions assail you. What form? What size? What material? So many questions that it is legitimate to ask and to which we will answer! Operating instructions of the sports lingerie, on your marks, ready, go…

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