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Boots Outfit

in the spring?

Yes, it goes also times and the whole equal Day and Night.

In the first outfit you see about ten decades of clothes on me.The oldest is the cardigan.At the time of H & M and I guess eight to ten years old.She is not going to (am not sure if she ever did). But along with some bright underneath and just the top buttons too, she makes a nice Linine.Since it was a bit fresh, there is also a trench coat, likewise Hasi & Mausi and barely four years old.The newest are of course the boots, closely followed by the hat. Continue reading

How to Use: All Black!

For almost 50 years, Givenchy would create a model of clothing that would last forever. Audrey Hepburn’s most famous short film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,”was released in the most famous film of his career. From then on the black dress became a key piece in the women’s wardrobe, saving us from many events where we do not know what to wear. Continue reading

C &a Collection Joulik Brings a Show of Embroidery and Glitter

The sparkles of Joulik return to illuminate the brazilian fashion, this time with a Collection made in partnership with the C & a. the sky is the limit for the sisters Karen and Arthur Matthews, who has the DNA to create looks esfuziantes full of fun and personality. The pair of designers bring your expertise in working with sequins and beads to make basic parts in immediate desires for nights and bright days. Continue reading

The Favourite Bags of Employees: Kathi and Her Osprey

It’s time again: today I give you my dear colleague Kathi from the product presentation. After the new goods in the warehouse has arrived, it immediately enters the product presentation. There is the bag, backpack, wallet, the trolley…, just each individual product in the bag Department, weighed, measured and examined of course and test carried. Lots of exciting things happen here: features are recorded, shot photos, a text written and then the product is already ready to go online. So it is no wonder that all my colleagues in the product presentation very often put a new bag or a new Backpack in the shopping cart. Also, I’m no exception… Continue reading

Cool American Football Shirt Designs

If the football is not the most popular in the United States, it still is one of the most popular sports. It is a team sport and contact that arose from a variation of rugby, in which that sport must have a lot of speed, agility, a tactical capability of the players and a lot of brute force which may cause many violent movements, for the sake of this physical contact that you have in the game. Continue reading