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Sex During Pregnancy

“We’re pregnant!” In anticipation of the baby quickly various issues surrounding pregnancy and childbirth-mingle specifically, if it is the first child. A question is particularly important to expectant parents, but they don’t trust themselves often, really to put it: what is sex during pregnancy? Is he okay? Something feels the child? Can you hurt it? Continue reading

10 Tips For Using the Basic T-Shirt the Right Way

Nowadays we have fashion lists of all types: list of essential clothing, parts of the station, the shoes, the major trends of the year, until what you don’t use at all. This post is about an item that is above the lists and the formulas of so versatile: the basic t-shirt men, that simple and cheap companion that fits into all the looks one way or another. Continue reading

The Corset For Children: How To Learn To Wear It?

In What Cases Should A Corset Be Worn?


Corsets are  intended to stabilize deviations of the spine in cases of scoliosis and kyphosis . They treat the existing deformations and allow a more harmonious evolution of the rachis during the rest of the adolescent’s growth. The corset evolves at the same time as the child’s morphology. Continue reading

How to Wear Chinos Mens

Oh no, we could not pass next to an article about Chino. Pants must menswear, it’s simple, it goes with everything and all the time. We could even have ended there almost.

The chino is a cotton canvas trousers much lighter than jeans, although models thick canvas also exist. It has many advantages: it is light, flexible, ultra-comfortable and, if he is well cut, extremely elegant.

Continue reading

Winter Sweater Template Tips

What Are The Best Winter Sweater Models

Nowadays with the cold that is some need to renovate or buy some wardrobe pieces to ensure the comfort and style of the station, a joker piece are the female models of sweaters, which are very successful, being more versatile to be used In the cold or in the more formal work environment until casual events that we have in a few months in the year. Here are some  winter sweater model tips. Continue reading