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Valentine’s Day the Tivoli Mofarrej Has Romantic and Hosting Dinner

Deluxe reference in town, the Tivoli São Paulo-Mofarrej has prepared two options for couples celebrate the most romantic date of the year, Valentine’s day. For those who want to start the celebration on the weekend preceding the date, the suggestion is to stay at the hotel, on June 12 couples can enjoy a special dinner at the bar Must. Continue reading

Lorenzetti Extends Line Acqua Ultra with Acqua Duo Version

Before purchase, arises the question: shower or shower? In the family, the woman prefers to shower, to avoid wetting the hair, while the man, with a large proportion spreader. For everyone to be satisfied with a comfortable and relaxing bath, the Lorenzetti complements the Acqua Ultra line with Acqua Duo, featuring shower and shower in a single product. Based on the concept of functional design, i.e. uniting sophistication and practicality in use, the Acqua Duo has sophisticated finish, composed of square lines in compact format, similar to cold showers. Continue reading

Carpet: PVC or PE?

Before starting the post I apologize for the quality of the photo, but I couldn’t get a good with the girls in this new carpet, so was the cell phone!

Once again I’m going to talk about a product that I consider essential for anyone who has a child at home, carpet. And if you are pregnant riding outfit and think it’s a product that you will only need more for front, mistake your … Continue reading