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Lorenzetti Extends Line Acqua Ultra with Acqua Duo Version

Before purchase, arises the question: shower or shower? In the family, the woman prefers to shower, to avoid wetting the hair, while the man, with a large proportion spreader. For everyone to be satisfied with a comfortable and relaxing bath, the Lorenzetti complements the Acqua Ultra line with Acqua Duo, featuring shower and shower in a single product. Based on the concept of functional design, i.e. uniting sophistication and practicality in use, the Acqua Duo has sophisticated finish, composed of square lines in compact format, similar to cold showers. Continue reading

Carpet: PVC or PE?

Before starting the post I apologize for the quality of the photo, but I couldn’t get a good with the girls in this new carpet, so was the cell phone!

Once again I’m going to talk about a product that I consider essential for anyone who has a child at home, carpet. And if you are pregnant riding outfit and think it’s a product that you will only need more for front, mistake your … Continue reading

How to Avoid the Destruction of Furniture and Objects

Posted by Dog citizen in 20/Sep/2014-

By Juliana Yuri, behavioral consultant and team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.

For many dog owners, one of the major problems is the destruction of furniture and objects. To deal with this behavior, it is necessary to understand that destroy objects is a natural need for most pets, because that’s the way they play and spend energy and interact with objects and the environment where they are–especially the young, who use your mouth to know things and also feel discomfort due to replacement of teeth, which causes more bites and destruction. Continue reading

Tips for Decorating an Engagement Party

See our selection with 50 precious tips to have incredible décor on your engagement party.

In an engagement party, the main focus is the romanticism, so there’s no need to choose a specific theme to start the process. The important thing is to dare the items, things which refer the couple and with pastel shades. Continue reading