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5 of the Best Headphones for Kids and Teens

In a market filled with options, special attention must be paid to the earphones used by children and adolescents.In addition to equipment of the type that needs to be properly sized for each person’s head, young people should pay particular attention to avoiding products that cause hearing damage. Continue reading

What Is the Best: Ipad 2, Galaxy Tab or Xoom?

We tested the three most popular tablets of the moment. In the Digital laboratory, see which one comes out front.


Hard task that! For the last three weeks, we’ve tested everything we could from the main tablets for sale in the country. And the dispute between them wasn’t easy. In every corner of the ring, a strong opponent. In a corner, the IPad 2, Apple phenomenon. In another, Xoom, Motorola’s weight wager. In the third corner, Galaxy Tab, Samsung’s surprise. Let’s go to the fight! Continue reading

Shopping Guide: Headphones and Headsets

Sitting in front of the computer without listening to a song is something that is practically impossible, after all it is something very interesting to listen to a good song while working or browsing without compromise in the internet. Continue reading

A Safety Camera Suitable for Home or Work

Choosing a security camera can be tricky when you do not know exactly what you are looking for.Some models in the market offer infrared, Wi-Fi and zoom, but you need to analyze points such as resolution and sensor format to decide which device is the most appropriate and offers the most cost-effective.

Continue reading

What is DSLR?

DSLR is the acronym for digital single-lens reflex, which in a free translation would be “digital camera of reflection by a lens”. This means that the DSLR is the digital version for older SLR film cameras, where light passes only through the lens before arriving at the sensor – or in the film, in the case of traditional cameras. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Now with Lollipop

And it goes on. More than nine months have passed since the release of the Galaxy S5 Mini. Now the little brother of the S5 gets his long awaited update on Android 5 Lollipop. Samsung recently announced this. This presents the “small” smartphone with additional practical features and the user gets even more for the rather low purchase price. Continue reading

New HTC M9 Smartphone will Be Released Beginning March

A few weeks ago we already reported by a leak to the two next top Smartphone manufacturer HTC. Now confirmed HTC on the official Twitter channel, at least a new flagship model on the Mobile World Congress beginning March 2015 will be unveiled in Barcelona. Continue reading