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What’s the Meaning of SMS

The term SMS (acronym of: short message service based on technology-wiki) is commonly used to indicate a short text message sent from one phone to another, with a small fee. The correct term would be SM (Short message), but has now established use to indicate the single message with the name of the service.

The service was originally developed on the GSM network, however it is now also available on other networks such as UMTS and some fences (in Italy for now just Telecom). You can send SMS to a mobile phone from a computer, over the Internet, and the landline phone.

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Different Types of USB Hubs

USB Hub – a device that increases the number of USB ports and making it possible to use several USB-devices simultaneously.

In recent years created more and more various external devices, which are necessary for the computer. Of course, not every user. These devices connect to your computer with a USB port – Universal Serial Bus. Among these devices – keyboards, computer mice, external hard drives, lamps, flash drives, coffeemakers, printers, and many other interesting things. How to deal with all this? Outputs are several:

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How to Furnish your Bathroom

One of the most difficult rooms to be furnished is undoubtedly the bathroom. Often the space is reduced and the tools and useful products to the personal care, to keep on hand on a daily basis, are so many. The key word is “organization.” We must organize spaces, organizing the furniture distribution, organizing of accommodation in mobile products at our disposal.

The designers suggest some points concerning the furnishing of the bathroom, beyond which you can give vent to their imagination and creativity, creating highly personal and original solutions. But before you make it cozy and pleasant the bathroom, it should make it practical and functional.

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Best Headphones for Sleep

Some people like myself have it difficult to sleep. We hear noises that bother us constantly and living with more people it is not easy to be quiet in bed. I put the solution to this problem to buy a headset for sleep. So I simply put quiet music for several hours and fall round like a baby.

Maybe a couple of helmets to sleep can help also to a person who has to hear the snoring of your partner constantly. Whatever the situation and your budget, sure that there are some model in which they compare today here that will serve. We have analyzed the most sold and valued and we are done with our own classification.

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USB Hubs: Everything You Need to Know

In these days when computers include fewer ports (coming to the end of the new twelve – inch MacBook, which includes a single USB port, and nothing else). And buy a  USB hub seems a good choice for those situations where you want to connect more devices simultaneously (eg, a keyboard, a mouse, an external hard drive and printer). But you have to know what USB hub buy , and what. Lets go see it.

What is a USB hub ?

The word  hub is synonymous hub. We could say that a USB hub is a device that allows us  to draw several USB ports of a single port on your computer, with a mechanism  similar in concept to a power strip power. Thus, by connecting a single device to your computer, typically dispondríamos four or eight ports with a theoretical maximum of 255 USB ports from a single internal port according to eUSBHubs.

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Bench Drill Machine for Home Use

Suitable for professional use, the machine has two models for different activities

Over time, the market began to offer variety of tools and the equipment was improved. A great example of this type of device are the bench drills. Recommended for professional use in joinery and carpentry workshops, this tool is more robust compared to the domestic model, which tends to be lighter and more compact.

As its name suggests, this product has a bench in its structure so that more resistant materials such as thicker wood and metal are perforated. Some models feature clips on the bench, which is also called platform to help fix the pieces and ensure even more accurate work.

Another version of the tool, the drill and bench milling machine, is indicated to perform milling. This equipment has sharp edges that rotate to remove excess metal of a product.

The online shop offers two models: both the bench drill and the milling machine. Here options with different brands, speeds, powers and voltages 110 V, 220 V and multi – voltage. Choose the equipment that best suits your needs and enjoy to take the house right now. After all,the prices here are the lowest in the market.

Security is priority

For the safe handling of bench drill, we recommend the use of PPE (safety equipment) . Do not forget the glove to protect your hand, the glasses and earplugs .Also remember to check the tool’s manual before handle it.


Best Electric Drills Home Use

The electric drill, a tool used to make holes in concrete, wood, metal, acrylic and other surfaces, is very useful in the professional use and in the household to repair in the house, install a shelf, and hang a panel among numerous other possibilities. Whatever the situation is, the electric drill is a must-have item. There are many options to drill, ranging in power, impact, voltage, chuck size, shape, brand and others. Therefore, when purchasing a drill, the ideal is to consider factors such as usage, type of work and the surface you want to drill, how often to use the tool and other criteria. From there, it becomes easier to find the right drill to your needs.

Power rating

The power drill is directly linked to the type of work to be done and should be the first criteria to be evaluated. For professional use, the drills with power more than 700 W are recommended. As for light work or low frequency of use, choose the drills with power between 300W and 700W, holing concrete, hollow bricks, block and wood. For home use, always try to turn on the power drill with the hardness of the material to be drilled. The construction of buildings has been made ​​with ready – mix concrete, more solid and resistant, which asks for a drill with higher power. In such cases, the ideal is a drill with power above 700 W or Gavel 5 kg that comes with punch function with impact. Continue reading