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Westwing Guide to white Light

The lighting of an environment is decisive for the climate created in each room of the house. Whether it’s for study, romance or fun, the mood, color and intensity of the lights play a huge role in the end result. To complement a well-decorated environment, the white luminaire appears as a versatile and functional option, offering an extra point of light that can make all the difference in the final result. Continue reading

How to Have Sustainable Exterior Lighting?

A product can be considered sustainable when there is a combination of factors to which cause the least possible or no impact to the environment, as the method of production, the durability and the raw material used. The LED complies with these and other measures that make it more sustainable lighting system, currently being produced with no heavy metals or toxic and have a high durability. A good quality LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, more than 30 times the offered by a standard bulb. Continue reading

Understand How Does the Presence Sensor LED Light Bulbs

The presence sensor is a device that, when it detects motion through waves, triggers any lighting lamp, reflector etc. That means that the light is turned on only when the person is in this space and stays on when detecting any movement or for a predetermined time, if the person is left standing. Both the distance range as the field of view can and must be adjusted to ensure the best use. Continue reading

Understand What Is Supplied with the Lamp

In the last post, we told you how the luminous flux it is important for the efficiency of the lamp, your relationship with the power and the voltage. There are many other information accompanying the package and they say a lot about the product that you find on the shelves. Continue reading