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LED Lamps: IP Protection Classes and Types

Electricity and Wasser(DAMPF) are anything but a dream team. In the bathroom you must not forgo light therefore still lucky-assuming the lamps comply with the appropriate IP protection classes. What is it with the IP protection class on and which lamp to use without hesitation where? Our article suggests BB´s. Continue reading

Novelty Table Lamps

Table lamps for taking care of the details

The difference between a House simply furnished and decorated with care are definitely details: home furnishings, ornaments, curtains and lighting, if chosen with due to taste and harmoniously coordinated, can give a definite character and original to the environments of your beloved dwelling.

A good example is given by table lamps that usually are purchased after choosing the furniture on which it will be put on display.

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What You Need to Know about LED Bulbs

Why so much fuss about these LED bulbs? In the previous article we met with 5 things you need to know about LED lighting and bulbs, in particular. In this article we will try to supplement and enrich your knowledge of this advanced technology.

The Advantages of LED bulbs

Not accidentally LED lighting gets much attention from the press in recent times. The technology itself is old, but its development for domestic applications developed rapidly only in the last decade, and results in not late. Many developed countries have set up strategies to increase energy efficiency of their economies including the imposition of LED technology in their plans. But what prompted countries like USA, Japan or the European Union to bet on LED lighting?

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How to Build a Bright Flashlight

A flashlight, or “torch” as it is commonly called, provides a beam of light on command. You can modify a normal, cheap flashlight so that the intensity of the beam is both lighter and longer life by using an LED light source. You need a few supplies from a hardware store and source delivery, but no electrical skills. The flashlight illuminates the darkness the moment you press the power button. Continue reading

Outdoor Spotlights for House

Have good lighting is essential if you want to have a more comfortable environment in which they can entertain with close friends. The outdoor lights are ideal to highlight certain corners or areas of the garden or terrace.

Outdoor spotlights to illuminate the best moments

Those lucky enough to own a garden  or a terrace should be able to furnish the best way to get a comfortable and relaxing environment in which to spend the most beautiful moments in the company of loved ones. Lighting is crucial because it is able to make the most romantic and intimate atmosphere. Spotlights outdoor are essential because, if placed in the proper order, become the real protagonists of a zone. The outdoor spotlights are able to give a more elegant and chic, and thanks to a lot of market supply, you can opt for models that are closest to their expectations. The outdoor spotlights can be divided into:

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Christmas Tree on the Wall Ideas

The long-standing tradition to decorate the Christmas tree – a constant attribute of the winter holidays. Today, the classic spruce with colorful balls and lights can not spruce and not even a tree! In addition to the traditional pine tree, you can add an alternative Christmas trees in a festive interior decor. Wall silhouettes of trees is especially suitable for those who have no space in the room for a live pine trees, there are no opportunities to put it because of the animals, or just wish felled forest beauty.

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Bedroom Lamps Guide

The bedroom is a place primarily intended for rest overnight. While it is true that also allocate the bedroom for other occupations. Some bedrooms have a small living room intended for reading, watching TV or working on the computer. Being for rest, the bedroom is one of the best rooms to listen to music and relax before going to sleep.

We know that the bedroom is a special place where not only resting but invites us to escape and disconnect from the outside world . That is why we offer a variety of ideas and lamps bedroom lighting so that the arrival of the night is not any impediment to enjoy our favorite room. For lighting the bedroom you can find several products such as chandeliers, lampshades or hoses.

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Dining Lamps Guide

It is truly amazing the power that can exercise the lighting on decorating a room. We can have the best decorated room in the world that if we do not choose adequate lighting, can ruin at a time when the desired effect. To liven up the best evenings and create an optimal environment, nothing like dining lamps.

We want to create the perfect atmosphere in your home and thus offer dining lamps the best brands and designers, to illuminate the best celebrations. Also discover how to decorate your room with elegance for theme parties, either Halloween or party set in the ‘ 20s, according to

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What are LED lights?

LED Lamps

The word L.E.D stands for Light Emitting Diode, which refers to the light emitted by diodes. LEDs are semiconductor bodies which receive very low density electricity, emits a light efficiently and lasting.

The Leds can only produce a single color, but other types of colors can be produced through different materials. Allowing the durability of this technology is the fact that unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs don’t have a filament that will burn.

Advantages of LED Lights

There are many advantages of LED technology offers and makes it much more efficient and friendly to the environment, that have become the best choice of lighting at home and also for hand lamps.

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