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Print trousers for thick thighs? Yes then!

it was with bated breath and beating heart, I recently donned me my first trousers with print. If there is anything we thick women have been told, it is that dark and solid color is best when it’s about pants. So I have since also – summer after summer – kept me to white linen trousers. But honestly it is that damn – neither much style or personality of.

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You can also use horizontal stripes

vertical stripes Slims. It makes the horizontal stripes are not. Therefore, thick people don’t use horizontal stripes.

of course we can, we can, of course, it’s a common myth that we are killing off.  The only thing you have to have time for is to go after the parts with narrow stripes which actually can help emphasize your figure, because they put the focus on the place where you are at its narrowest. On your bottoms means the width of the stripes are not quite as much, so here you can easily go for wider stripes.

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Comfy and cool in flight

yesterday I landed from my little vacation in the Jutland. I always fly, because it saves me for a long, expensive train ride (ticket, space, coffee, water, sandwich, magazine) – and then I’m usually guaranteed a little sunshine, no matter how poor the weather down here on Earth. But plane – whether it is 25 minutes to the Aarhus or 23 hours to the Caribbean – requires some wardrobe considerations. As a prelude to the upcoming time-shoppingguides abroad, I therefore put out with my own flyoutfit – maybe you can get inspired for your next vacation trip.

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Mini vacation in soft clothes

As in may have read, so I’m on a mini vacation at my parents. It stands on look tours in my mother’s garden and new greenhouse (16 different tomato plants, Stine! And a watermelon!), lots of anything once and trips out in the blue. It is pure balm for the soul. Casual days invites you to soft clothes. Granted, it’s not all my onesies, suitable for publication. I have, among other things, a pair of grey cotton pants from the Gap, which is so bumpy that it is embarrassing. But they’re so soft …

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Natasha retail Favorites

I’ll have to start with a confession. I have it not good with sale. It gives me stress and sweat on the forehead. I can not choose, and so I end up buying something in pure panic at the thought of not getting anything on sale. Because you must buy something when it is now put down.

The kind of panic buying, I find often in the bottom of the closet-and-a-half years later still with price tag in the neck. It is the very tangible proof of the fact that just because the clothes are cheap, it is not equal to being a useful hit.

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How to lose those ugly was my dress two favorite dress

This dress was with great enthusiasm bought on a vacation to Barcelona a few years ago. It is in cotton, and it has a pattern that makes a happy-to-colors-Womens soft-hearted. It was love at first sight.

But in this case did love apparently blind, for the dress has not been outside the door, since it arrived in Denmark. Every time I’ve taken it on, has it been taken off again.

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