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The Best Trends for Engagement Ring

Meet good solutions for the jewel that symbolizes the commitment of the couple’s Union

Symbol of love and commitment of a couple, the engagement ring must fulfill two important missions: match the personality of the bride and follow beautiful for decades – as well as the romantic ideal of marriage, it should last “until death do us part”. We don’t have the intention, here, to give a recipe for the perfect wedding. But we can help in choosing the engagement ring. Continue reading

Leather up!

in the fall I was starting to dream about a leather skirt – Yes, I know that rock chick-look has ruled a long time, but I was missing just the last mod to jump out of the raw material. And since I have a very classic style, it was also important for me to find the right cut. Further, it was a requirement that it should be real leather leatherette – is not me, and besides, it’s a very environmentally damaging material both to produce and get rid of again.

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My favorite: the jacket that accentuates the waist

This is for me a total favorite look, because it combines several of my favorites.

I think often, it can be difficult to find outerwear that don’t get me to look like a large square. That is why I love cottoncoaten because I can select my waist jacket with belt. On the way I highlight my forms rather than to hide all the goodies under a big coat.

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That is why in put the blouse down in skirt

This could really just be my tribute to an eternal classic, I return to again and again: Black and white stripes with added black and spicy with red for an additional twist.

But it is more than that: this post is just as much about making up with the typical misconception about that big women look better if we cover the stomach and ass with our uppers.

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