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The Maternity Outfit

Today I will show you the “outfits” that Manu used in maternity. I took some things da Bruna because these clothes are expensive and you practically does not use more later. Even so, I think it’s worth investing in at least 2 beautiful clothes as it is the most important moment of your life, and I’m sure you’ll want to present your small to visits with a costume fit for a moment so striking.
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5 Handbags, That Every Woman Should Own

Must-haves-now may be invested without having a bad conscience in bags. Who owns these five models, is perfectly equipped–theoretically last a lifetime

5-Pocket, that every woman should own

Women can never have enough pockets-right! But regardless of current trends, there are five models, that every woman should own and with you is well equipped in every situation.

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Freshwater Pearl: The Special Touch That Your Look Deserves!

If your look was a cake, the freshwater pearl would be the cherry.

That’s because the pearls have a special gift to add a touch of elegance to looks for everyday, with more casual pieces, as for more formal occasions – ranging from an important meeting to that wonderful party full of pomp.

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International Fashion Week in New York to London, Learn More!

That woman who didn’t like sets who doesn’t appreciate being elegant, beautiful and well dressed? All we like follow the new trends and nothing better than “antenar” on the International fashion week in several countries. Continue reading

Wedding Sandals for Beach or Country Wedding

On preferentially lower models, there are several possibilities for brides when choosing your shoe for outdoor weddings

Marriage is the dream of a good number of women, but not all dream of the traditional church ceremony.More and more marriages celebrated in alternative places, like field and beach, have been gaining fans, who wish to make an unforgettable party in the light of day in different places.

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Backpacks in Promotion

For vacations, college, walks and trips we always come across the need for a backpack to carry our clothes and utilities, and in some of the times happens not to find or even find some in the back of the wardrobe, well, old lady who is no longer Much of his taste and will not last much longer. To avoid these problems it is indispensable that you have at least one quality backpack, nor that you pay a little bit more, at least it will be useful for years and will not leave you in the hand.

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AW14: Leopard print offers edge

Leopard print is this season back at full blast. There are leoprint on everything from dresses and shirts to pants, jackets and various accessories. Leopard is a very varied prints that bills from the very subtle to a noisy, almost shouting feature in the wardrobe. That is why it is a print with a myriad of choices, which you can use depending on temperament.

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In the navy

That is shown after the hand no secret that I love – the navy has simply been my rescue from black. As long as I had thought it was unoriginal, so much I went to black, but couldn’t really see a way out of it. Plain Jane was tried by, but it’s simply not something for me, I think it gets a little vadmelsagtigt to me.

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