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Shoes, you can dance in (without losing the feet)

Where the world would be a nice place, if not we had soles that burned by too high heels – and a foot vang, who is not died slowly of dancing a whole night. But that is unfortunately not. Fortunately, skodesignerne completely with that it is not all of us who can swing around in sky-high stilettos all night long – and therefore there is glimmering, shiny, festive and shining shoes in the dance-friendly altitudes.

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Lace has more fun

Up Christmas party, and immediately strikes something with lace. How is it at least with me. And as you saw on Momme yesterday:
Momme: for party in tight-fitting lace – opens in new window
– then it is really a great shortcut to a feminine and festive look. That is why we have found fabulous lace, above, which you can use for your next party – whether it’s company party, Christmas party with friends and family or just for a day, where there should be a little more on the mirror image than usual.

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Everyday heroes – under 500 us $.

we have them all together – garde robens heroes, we use over and over and over … it’s the jeans, knit shirts and tops, as always just pigeons when it says weekdays and 9-17 on the calendar. Not crazy fancy, but with exactly the little detail that makes it real. It can be a motif, a carving, a few sequins, a color combination – or just that it is clothes that are perfect for keeping features in open Office away. And then of course it is nice to have at.

maybe some of these everyday heroes, you just need?

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If I won a million dollars …

… then I’d run out and invest in these luksuskøb. For as you may read in my column yesterday, pearls before swine, so not about snobbery, but luxury is all about getting a little external help to lift the self-esteem inside, the straighter the back and show the world (and yourself) that you also deserve solid materials, decent cut and shape-changing fit. And it is unfortunately rarely, we find it in highstreetbutikkerne.

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Grandma panties long live!

I’ve looked around a bit on the net to see if there is an official definition of Grandma panties. It does not appear that immediately makes.

So before we go any further, get in my definition of the term, so I know the starting point for this post. Do you have a different perception of Grandma panties, is in cordial welcome to write in the comments box after post.

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Fund under 500 USD – casual go in city clothes

following the last review of the contents of my wardrobe, it is once again clear that I lack of parts. This time over parts that can provide basic vehicle a zing to the occasions where I’d like to do a little extra out of myself, even if the occasion does not require the large party clothing is.

in such a situation is my starting point often black jeans or a black skirt. It is a neutral foundation that can be used as a starting point for the most part and therefore something you can consider making a part of your basic wardrobe.

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Businesssuits – from classic two creative

Several of you have asked for

guide to businesssuits – it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who grapple with getting a nice set of workwear together in plus-sizes! Because, as we have mentioned so many times, so many tøjproducenters are favorite materials polyester, knitted, jersey and other ‘ soft ‘ materials that might be comfortable to wear, but that doesn’t do much to shape the body and keep track of the cases – something that is absolutely necessary, when we talk about clothes, whose primary task is to get us to look presentable , trustworthy, confidence-inspiring and, not least, the ‘ worth ‘ out.

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Steal the style: Gabourey Sidibe to the feast of leather jacket

would you like to be fine for party, without that it will be decked out and too feminine?

So do as the actor Gabourey Sidibe, who often goes on the red carpet with a raw leather jacket over his more feminine evening wear.

The raw leather jacket gives the edge to both dresses and Mica tops, and you will be at once both festive and raw.

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Lingerie for your Christmas wish drop

I have always loved Christmas catalogs – and as soon as I started to get breasts, it was especially lingerie pages, I dreamed me to in. But relatively quickly slipped my bosom outside the sizes on the glossy catalogue pages up for Christmas. And how to have it, for good reason, been ever since. I’m thinking that I’m probably not the only one who has it that way.

Therefore you get here your own lingerie-Christmas catalogue, which you could wish for from. You could possibly let the computer be left open, so your better half may see what you wish – or even print out and tick. Like the small making with Cousin BR-catalog.

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Keep the heat in the cold: Camilla’s favorite undershirt

I went through many years of my life as a great hate of undershirts. I thought it was a piece of silly clothing, perhaps because the practical vests in white cotton, I was dressed as a child, just don’t appeal to me, because it wasn’t the track other than practical.

But I have over the years become more sensitive to cold, so today it is a big hit with an undershirt that can keep me warm in the winter season.

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