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With or without sleeves? Here you decide

do you know what with that you try a really nice dress that fits well and accentuates it, the must – but so is the sleeveless? If you are not yet ready to show the world your upper arms you with the warranty, so hang the dress back – no matter how nice it is. Or buy a knit bolero to have over – which unfortunately threatens to pull the dress overall impression down.

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Interview: how to, in joined peace with my body

– It is a universal falsehood, that just because you’re thin, you are happy. Why do we just lose weight five kilograms to be happy? However, buy some clothes that fit in place of.

So cash says journalist Andrea Bak, who has written the book “Final peace with your body”. For Andrea Bak, it has been a long journey to make peace with her body.

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Colorful glamour

It is difficult not to be happy on several plans, when you fall over the American designer Jasmine Elbers creations under the name Jibri.

Happy because Jasmine Elbers designer clothing that is very far from the traditional basic goods such as plustøj often comes in.
Happy because she mostly uses strong colors.
Happy because prices start at just over $ 540.

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Now available GAP up two str. 52

American GAP has in a few years running a European Web store, and now they have expanded the sizes, so both trousers, tops and dresses, and much more are available up to size 52/XXL, while jeans go up to size 35. Please note that Gap also has a maternity line, and that you can also act on Banana Republics European site at the same time, with Gaps and have sent the items together. And a good tip is to signing up for their newsletter – you will get 15% off your first time shopper! So if you’re into casual style and american sportswear, then it is just to click on the loose. We have selected a bunch of our favorites out! Everything is available on

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Greatest hits: Highlight your strengths instead of hiding your body

the articles gives each their take on how you can highlight your figure instead of to hide your entire body. Whatever you choose, the result is the same:

You look less like when you highlight rather than conceal.

I Therefore put the blouse down in skirt

Belts: Tips and shopping

I go in tight clothes – you can also

See why I chose the close-fitting cardigan

Stop wasting your time Bidot Denise: and love yourself

message from the 28-year-old model Denise Bidot is loud and clear:
Team up with to focus on if, and live in the present.

Denise Bidot has worked as a model since 2006. An employment that has made her a role model for many women all over the world, that does not fit tøjindustriens common sizes. Like Denise Bidot. She has the past three years have been campaign model for plus-size brand Zizzi. That is why she is in Copenhagen in conjunction with fashion week, where she takes the lead by Zizzis fashion show, which will be held under the banner: Fashion has no size.

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