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All About Tent Camping Stretchers

You know those strings extras that come along with the tent and a lot of people don’t know what they are for? Each gives a different name: strings, extenders, stretchers, risers, cordeletes, stabilizers, etc. We, here at FuiAcampar, we have adopted the term stretchers – they serve to attach the sobreteto to the ground, giving greater stability to the tent.

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Benefits of Heart Rate Monitor

Each time that the heart is a pump stroke, this is known as the heart rate. An average adult heart rate of about 70 kinds. This is the average heart rate without effort. When you train for example sports, you will find that increases your heart rate. For people who exercise vigorously or work is the heart beat is very important. You can measure this with a heart rate monitor. When you exercise or exercise heart rate monitor will display your heart rate.In this way you will know if the correct tempo is enough.Increased heart rate such as unhealthy for your body. But how can you work out best by using a heart rate monitor?

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1 Person Tent

Who goes solo tour has equipment and supplies highly even carry around. Consequently, should minimizing, especially weight and pack size of the outdoor accommodation. One-person tents are perfectly adapted to these disciplines usually – modern lightweight tents weigh none 2 kilograms. But there are plenty of differences, and depending on the application and the seasons, the focus should be more or less the weather protection, comfort features or pack size apply. Continue reading

4 Person 2 Room Tent

In this article of our tents series, we now come to the 4 person tents with 2 sleeping cabins. These are very interesting, because the Division of space in contrast to many other tents has several advantages. For example, that can sleep 2 persons separately. So space can be arranged in a tent for something. However, there is in the selection of tents to observe a lot. We list below some of the criteria on which we have taken in our tents, together with the Declaration. Continue reading

What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat

I love the moment when I fish my (now very battered) backpack from the closet. Because that means: optimism! When it comes about packing increases the anticipation of the next trip with me directly even more and the mere sight of my beloved Backpacks makes my heart soft and indulge my head in memories. After all, he is already quite got around and was in the best moments of my life with me. Thus, both already so we share a lot.

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