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Wilson Sports Backpacks

The Wilson Sports Backpacks are perfect for those who like to go to the gym or play sports. They are sturdy, spacious and make it very easy to transport belongings on a day-to-day basis. In the stores, it is possible to find them in several models, that try to please men and women. Continue reading

Escape the Cold Temperatures of the Weekend with BBQ Tour!

The cold came in autumn for the Center-South region of the country. For today (10), the National Institute of meteorology (Inmet) provides for minimum -5 degrees South and -1° C, to the Southeast. Frosts can occur from the South, even in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. Continue reading

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Equipment for Skiing!

For Brazilians, it’s not a very common practice skiing: the few places where eventually it snows are not conducive to sports.

But we can’t deny that those beautiful layers of snow that some countries have are to impress, including for its wonderful landscapes. They awaken—both locals as tourists—the interest and desire to practice a typical winter sports: skiing in the snow. Continue reading

The Trends of Bikinis and Swimsuits of Summer

The 2016 Summer pumping!!! Each year with more fashionable beachwear. And this year the chosen darling of us women was the swimsuit, oddly enough, but it was! Even leaving marks it is the hit of the summer. But also the swimwear is super stylish and democratic. In addition, Swimsuits have hot pants and even looks with fitness footprint. Continue reading

Check Out Tips to Prevent the Weight of School Bags

Expert says that weight should be of 10% to 12% of the body weight of the child

It’s not easy to assemble the backpack of a student: books, book, snacks, clothes. Only the basic items that students bring to school may have a considerable weight to students, which can be harmful in the health of children. Not to cause uncomfortable, according to pediatrician Marcelo Reibscheid, the ideal weight of the backpacks should be between 10% to 12% of the body weight of each child.

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Goodies for Camping and Campfire: Chapati

Soon after completing the world coming to Brazil for the border with Bolivia, we decided to stop by Sao Paulo to pick up our car, the brave red Ford Ka, and take the Royal Road to Ouro Preto and after Paraty, a delicious trip in every sense (incredible Visual, good energy, excellent experience and delicious goodies).

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Motorcycle Camping: Tips for Traveling by Bike and Camping

Moto camping is a different style of travel, that unites the camping adventure of backpacking and motorcycling tour. Is the junction of the tribes of campers, backpackers, bikers in one way to enjoy camping in campgrounds organized and structured natural and wild environments.

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