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Cool American Football Shirt Designs

If the football is not the most popular in the United States, it still is one of the most popular sports. It is a team sport and contact that arose from a variation of rugby, in which that sport must have a lot of speed, agility, a tactical capability of the players and a lot of brute force which may cause many violent movements, for the sake of this physical contact that you have in the game. Continue reading

Who Says You Can’t Go Backpacking After 40?

“I thought I was a freak, to find other freaks like me in Europe,” said a reader of the blog on the opinion poll we conducted a few months ago, “the sites I read, I get the impression that travel the world of backpacking just to young people”. In the field to inform the age, she was one of the few people to mark the options they were between 45 and 64 years: only 8.6% of our readers. Continue reading

Start with Running: You’re Putting Your New Year’s Set Up

Meanwhile, the new year is nearly ten days old, so I would be interested in how it looks with your New Year’s premises. Are you still following them or have you already put them on?

Hopefully not, because in today’s guest contribution, Philipp Alexander, online entrepreneur and blogger from Vienna describes how it can work with the implementation of self-imposed goals.Thus, for the first time, he crossed the finish line of a marathon three years ago. He reports on his running experience at our site

The turn of the year is the time of good resolutions. We spend most of the first days with Kater in bed, but on the second of January we are again exasperated and full of action. Let us assume that we want to do things differently in the new year. Our new ICH is supposed to be healthier. Continue reading

‘Smart Backpack’ Is Waterproof, Built in Charger and Usb Cables

A backpack with built-in charger and USB cables for you to recharge the batteries of your smart phones, tablets or laptops.This is WIK PowerPak, which has already beaten the Kickstarter collection goal and will be out of the way soon, with deliveries starting in March next year. Continue reading

Wilson Sports Backpacks

The Wilson Sports Backpacks are perfect for those who like to go to the gym or play sports. They are sturdy, spacious and make it very easy to transport belongings on a day-to-day basis. In the stores, it is possible to find them in several models, that try to please men and women. Continue reading

Escape the Cold Temperatures of the Weekend with BBQ Tour!

The cold came in autumn for the Center-South region of the country. For today (10), the National Institute of meteorology (Inmet) provides for minimum -5 degrees South and -1° C, to the Southeast. Frosts can occur from the South, even in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. Continue reading