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Data Protection on the Iphone: Siri Can Talk about You

Every iPhone user knows it: Siri, the friendly software, which by language turns into a personal assistant. As soon as an Internet connection, Siri can inform you about appointments or a good restaurant in the vicinity call-and you by means of GPS to go there. However, Siri can also chatter a lot. A security issue that has existed since iOS 5 and has not been closed by Apple. If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should check your settings and make your iPhone safer. Continue reading

In App Tip: Traffic Live Package for the Iphone

True surplus value, no subscription trap…
If you are traveling a lot with the car, then the traffic jam is an evil, which you always meet again. Of course, you can also go earlier, but you always go into a traffic jam or a construction site from which you do not really know how long the delay is, how much time you lose. What good is it to me if the traffic jam is reported with 10 km, but the avoidance route over the country road is 16 km long? Do I drive now better through the traffic jam or over the slow and laborious road to drive? This decision can not really take the radio from me really, here it is purely according to the motto: Avoid traffic and drive around, but do not drive right through the traffic jam. Continue reading

My Iphone 5 Still Rattles and Rattles

Last week Friday after work I went to the Dresden Apple Store in the Altmarkt-Galerie to exchange my two weeks old  iPhone 5. The reason for this was a rather annoying noise inside the case, which is best described with a rattling or rattling ( I reported about it ).Although the functionality of the smart phone is not restricted in any way, however, I am of the opinion that with such an expensive device should not be heard rattling or rattling. So I had a day earlier by telephone an appointment for 16.50 clock agreed at the Genius Bar. On the phone I found the service of Apple quite well. That of course, I hope to hope for a positive outcome of my exchange attempt. Continue reading

A New Mobile Life with Samsung DeX

Always I take a brainstorming with my coworkers (sometimes in distant ideas, I admit) asking constantly what is needed for our smart phones to become innovative, even more valuable and easier for everyone to use. In August 2014, one of these brainstorming sessions became urgent to question: “A smart phone can actually replace a desktop?”. After a lively discussion, one of the engineers who were in the room gave me a piece of paper with a drawing. Continue reading