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Find out Which Carrier Has the Best Signal and 4G

A study conducted by Open Signal evaluated the current conditions of mobile internet networks in the country.

Open Signal recently released its newest study on the current state of mobile internet networks in Brazil.This is the first survey made by the company after the Olympics.According to the consultancy, three months after the sporting event showed signs of improvement in the country’s 4G , however, some problems remain. Continue reading

Earphone Has 14 Hours Battery Life and Preserves Your Hearing

Artificial Intelligence constantly monitors audio to improve sound and ensure safe volume

The Edge is yet another Bluetooth headset that is making success in IndieGogo .The device features artificial intelligence – technology that can identify when the sound is at unsafe levels.With the feature, the handset makes adjustments to preserve the user’s hearing, as well as make automatic enhancements to the audio. Continue reading

Lumia 720 Has Decent Camera and Battery

Smartphone priced under R $1000 cute and sturdy hardware that pleases, but Windows Phone 8 still owe in applications

He’s handsome, but dispenses extravagances. Is of type thin and pretty big screen-but not as big a spot of bother in the pocket of the jeans. Don’t even need to have a metal housing to look tough. And if you are after all in a smartphone with a good camera, battery that endures until the end of the day and price below R $1000, worth taking a look at Lumia 720, smartphone that runs Windows Phone 8 and is manufactured by Nokia. Continue reading

Audio and Video-Tips for Choosing a Voice Recorder

The digital voice recorder today nobody is surprised. The recording function of audio files exists even in the simplest of models of телефоновсмартфонах tablets. Through mobile devices, you can save a family of lima first words of a child, however, if its activities you usually record speech, reports and interviews, it is better to buy a voice recorder, especially since they have very modest dimensions. The width of most devices of about 40 mm, of a thickness not exceeding 20 mm and length of 100 to 130 мм. Continue reading

Meet Ten Good Headphones That Cost Less Than $ 100

Headphones are essential accessories for anyone who owns smartphones, tablets, computers or any portable device.If you are looking for a handset, but do not want to spend a lot, know that there are models with good quality for up to $ 100. In this price range you can find accessories from famous brands such as Philips, Sony, Audio Technica and JBL. Continue reading

Sennheiser Launches Headphones for Smart Tvs

Sennheiser has launched three devices that promise to deliver a more immersive experience for anyone watching TV.The RS 5000 and RS 2000 headphones and the Flex 5000 audio system work with a transmitter that connects to the TV and a wireless receiver to listen to the sound of quality programs and movies anywhere in the house. Continue reading

Sony Announces Smartphone with Camera: C5 Ultra and M5

New Xperia line devices arrive in selected emerging markets in mid-August

This Monday (3), Sony announced two new smartphones Xperia line with front cameras that promise to be very powerful : 13 megapixels in both the Ultra and the M5 C5. According to the Communique, the intermediate devices arrive in selected emerging markets even in mid-August. Continue reading

New HTC to The View, Some without Buttons

In addition to information about HTC tablets which we share with you yesterday, a lot of phones have been filtered infographic recreations as, what we see on these lines perhaps is the most important model to be of a new generation of HTC Desire.

With a line of design similar to the Nexus One, we can highlight the disappearance of the physical buttons and the optical trackpad, leaving four capacitive buttons on the front and below the display. Continue reading

HTC / Droid Thunderbolt Reveals Their Authentic Characteristics

The stakes were open and many expected the best of the new Android smartphone compatible with Verizon’s LTE network, as we leave record previously. However, it seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer has turned all his efforts on the new he HTC 4G leaving us all with honey on the lips of what the HTC / Droid Thunderbolt you could offer. Continue reading