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Google Finally Launches Pixel C, Its First Android Tablet

Whoever accompanies TecMundo is already accustomed to the concept of a”Nexus” device. This is a Google device developed in collaboration with partners where the entire production process is done by these companies. However, it’s good to start getting used to the “Pixel” concept, in which the Search Giant assumes responsibility for the manufacture of the device and can totally call it yours. Continue reading

Hiking Tour: Around Dresden

With the iPod touch (iPhone) walking through the Saxon home…
hiking? Fresh air? Yes, it was the time before the door , despite ” Lord of the Rings Online”-weeks and”Starcraft 2-Beta”. Only where? In the tourist office, I found the hiking brochure ” Hiking & discovery in the city-surrounding Dresden region ” in the hands. Although from the year 2006, it is still offered. This describes a smaller and a larger tour around Dresden, which consists of several stages. I opted for the smaller round, as this is quite good to reach by public transport. The path itself has no name (you could also call it “the Dresden left-way” (if you turn counter-clockwise) or “make a bow around Dresden-way.” There is also no continuous marking of the route, but a large part of the route is marked with the”red dot”. Continue reading

What Is the Best: Ipad 2, Galaxy Tab or Xoom?

We tested the three most popular tablets of the moment. In the Digital laboratory, see which one comes out front.


Hard task that! For the last three weeks, we’ve tested everything we could from the main tablets for sale in the country. And the dispute between them wasn’t easy. In every corner of the ring, a strong opponent. In a corner, the IPad 2, Apple phenomenon. In another, Xoom, Motorola’s weight wager. In the third corner, Galaxy Tab, Samsung’s surprise. Let’s go to the fight! Continue reading

Some Tablets that Make Calls Can Replace Your Cell Phone

Cell phone enthusiasts and handsets in general have a recurring problem: having to carry both your smartphone, to make and receive calls, such as your tablet, which gives you more space and comfort to mess with Applications or watching videos. It would often be more practical to choose and keep just one. Continue reading