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Possible Farewell to Android Tablets

Sony is getting ready to unveil some news that we will see over the next few months including Z6 and more midrange smartphone will be the protagonists. Looking still further away in time and taking a long-haul Android landscape, it seems that Sony can exit the market Android Tablet on

So there would be no new Xperia tab in program whether 10 or more inches, is a successor of the great Compact version. A shame given that Sony are among the best but a finding of fact that the market share of Android tablets is so low that it cannot be considered sufficient to get real profits. Continue reading

What is a Tablet?

Here on the site mobile phones we’re always answering the questions that leave readers in the comments. The last one was questioned about the usefulness of a tablet and is a very interesting question, because given the huge amount of functions of a cell phone, because we still need a tablet?

For starters, what’s a tablet? The tablets are portable computers that use operating systems for mobile phones, more geared for portability and low battery consumption. It has advantages of a notebook, as large screen and ease of typing and advantages of a mobile phone, since some connect to mobile phone networks. Have camera, wireless internet and thousands of applications to do everything you imagine, both work as fun.

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Surface – the Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft presented in mid-June of 2012 1 new product to compete with the iPad and other tablets: the tablet Surface. It comes with a version with Windows 8 and change company policy with respect to partnerships with manufacturers. Before Windows was mainly sold in OEM for almost any computer manufacturer in the world, now Windows 8 for tablets is marketed by Microsoft along with the hardware.

The new Windows 8 has the Metro interface and your big news is support for touchscreens, being targeted also for use on tablets.

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