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Whiskey-A Guide For Beginners

The order of Whiskey is a demand that we now know from old Western classics, where rough heroes in the saloons already had no alternatives. It is an unchanged size in the luxury category of the whole globe and is today an expression of exquisite taste. But in order to go through as the so-called almost whiskey expert, it takes more knowledge than it seems superficial. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z1 F Premieres on October 10 in Japan

Sony Xperia Z1 Mini is a reality, and it also has overtones become officer imminently, as leaks about the Xperia Z1 f occur every day.

Probably in our markets comes later and change the nomenclature, but It seems that to Japan will come soon with the operator NTT DoCoMo, from where it has leaked the catalogue with information about this new Xperia’s high-end and content size. Continue reading

Photos in Low Light with The New Mobile Google: Lumia 1020 Vs Nexus 5


One of the terminals that best results achieved lately in this hard task of night photography is the Windows Phone smartphones of Nokia Windows Phone 8 and your camera PureView of 41 Mpx. We speak so commented Lumia 1020.

Google has just introduced Google Nexus 5 and has put particular emphasis on this type of photography, something that has been reflected even in the video presentation. It is also true that Nexus 4 was bad in this type of situation against other alternatives on the market. Continue reading

Motorola Moto G Teaches Your Specifications and It Shows

A few days ago the Moto G taught the duckling as a Moto X’s lower price. Now are the first images of the same, which can be seen in some flyers with a good stroke of specifications.

As we see, it is a more focused smartphone to the middle range, with a 4.5 screen inch in HD resolution (1280 x 720 p), which gives 329 ppi, covered by the famous Corning glass. In its interior would see a four core processor Snapdragon S4 Pro at 1.2 GHz, 8GB of internal storage, camera 5MP and Android 4.3. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Become The First Smartphone with 4 GB of RAM

The rumor that I discussed today is a logical step, but the urgency in opening the jar of essences of the hypothetical S5 Galaxy which should arrive next year still puzzles us a little.

We have already seen the possible Exynos chipset with 64-bit architecture to be mounted, and this change in architecture It wouldn’t make sense if the RAM does not exceed 3 GB, addressable limit of 32-bit processors that has already been achieved with the Galaxy Note 3. Continue reading

Appears The Nexus 5 in Inventory of Large Distributors and The First Image Taken with It

A leak of a string of large distributors inventory could not miss, in this round of leaks almost daily by the hand of Google, in the form of free advertising. Could not miss a picture posted in Google + or Picasa with all the image exif data.

And here they are, have today released both. On the one hand, we have the inventory of chain Carphone Warehouse (equivalent to The Phone House in Spain), showing us the Nexus 5 stock in white. 1,500 units of this device with other 1,500 black, although these no image. Continue reading

LG G2 Vs Soil Cement, Who Will Win?

The guys at Android Authority have just published their traditional drop test the Smartphone to the ground and this time they made with the new and powerful LG G2.

This terminal has a design with buttons on the back cover that also displays a curved finish and mounted a display of 5.2 inch In addition to the SoC FullHD Snapdragon 800. Now, what such will be with the ground? Continue reading