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Win 3 Bottles of Lego Captain Lisbon!

Like objects of design, original parts and with a sense of humor?So don’t miss the opportunity to win march 1 Lego brand Bottles Captain Lisbon! See here if you were one of the winners.

The brand Captain Lisbon creates unique gifts. The Chambers paper refills, articles of garden decor, lighting, kitchen through things for a child and the exclusive pieces. Continue reading

See 5 Ways to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Fashion Consultant gives tips on how to wear the boot with skirt, shorts, leggings and jeans; check it!

The over-Knee boots, above the knee, have already won famous  names  like  Sophia Abrahão  and  Fernanda Lima. Winter trend shoes in 2015, they combine with skirts, pants and shorts, but if used in the wrong way, can destroy the harmony of the look.  Continue reading

A Safety Camera Suitable for Home or Work

Choosing a security camera can be tricky when you do not know exactly what you are looking for.Some models in the market offer infrared, Wi-Fi and zoom, but you need to analyze points such as resolution and sensor format to decide which device is the most appropriate and offers the most cost-effective.

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Extra Good: Motorola Moto X Style

Here comes the style-conscious competition for the smartphone superclass: the Motorola Moto X Style. With powerful computing powers and individual accents, the XL-Android takes the flagship of Samsung, HTC and Co.. We’ll show you what we really like about the Moto X Style.

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See the Best Action Cameras Available in Brazil

The first brand that comes to the minds of most users when it comes to action cameras is certainly GoPro. With a wide line, varied and for many years in the market, the manufacturer continues innovating to please its consumers. However, there are already many options in the market that can take the space of the leader of the category with resistance and quality.

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