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Google Babble or Google Babel? More Rumors Are Running The Second as a Final Name

In the absence of a few weeks for the Google I/O that finally end this wave of rumours that gives Unified Messaging service that are expected for more than one year, we have seen two proposed name: Google Babble and Google Babel. Even without knowing the final name that will have, it is a service that becomes increasingly necessary.

If initially realized of course that it would be Babble (talk) and more late was that Babel (in reference to the Tower of Babel), it turned out to be rather wrong, maybe this time the second name makes more sense. As it has been seen in some GMail notifications and after investigating a little code, babel is which is more likely to succeed. Continue reading

First Images of The Web Version of Google Babel?

Today, the same day that closed definiticamente Windows Live Messenger and appearing WhatsApp by Google purchase rumors appear on the network the so-called first images of the web version of Google Babel.

Techradar has published photographs of the web version of Google Babel for Android to Google Talk. The photographs come from an anonymous source who says he works for Google and already has its new access Unified Messaging service.

It is very difficult to know the veracity of the images. Interface seen on the latest applications and web services of Google matches, and the design of the emoticons are used in Google + although there are many new never seen, and treat an Assembly would have taken a long time to create them. The only thing that draws attention is that they are photos and not screenshots. Continue reading

These Might Be The First Images of Google Babble [Updated]

Update: It has been proven that this image is false, as it was created by a forum to deceive media

We know that Google wants to merge all in one messaging services and that Google Babble one of the possible names, or at least is that has a better chance of being elected. At the moment there is no official confirmation regarding this, but little by little they begin to connect the dots about the capabilities that will have and thereby arise some alleged leaks. Continue reading

MessageMe, a New Competitor in The Field of Instant Messaging

Some are beginning to think that the instant messaging market is overexploited for alternatives, but some believe that it does not necessarily be. MessageMe comes to Android to present itself as one alternative in an environment with the somewhat troubled waters by reasons with a proper name: WhatsApp.

MessageMe offers what anyone can ask for in an instant messaging system: simplicity for the basics and some extra functions. Their biggest problem to reach the general public may be that the record is a little confusing, as it asks for your phone number to send you a PIN and then have to use an email account to create an account from MessageMe. Continue reading

Line Arrives in Official Spanish and Optional Registration on Facebook

LINE He is certainly betting on the Western market with all its forces because of the remarkable number of users in Europe who are starting to use it on a regular basis. However, at least in Spain, that an app does not come in Spanish is a great difficulty for many users.

Recently there was a public discussion group to offer this application so striking how much more people better. Many did not expect that this version arrived until at least 2013, but for many decayed, the app is already in Spanish. Continue reading

Step by Step Guide to Pay Leave WhatsApp on Android

One thing that has been much since WhatsApp It fails to extend their service in Android free is that there is much ignorance among the public about how to prolong the service. Many have said you can’t scroll through menus or even believe that you are giving your credit card to WhatsApp when when it comes to the truth is not so.

For this reason we are obliged to create this simple step by step with explanatory notes so that you can share to people who want to continue to use WhatsApp and however are that it does not have the slightest idea of how to do so. Below we will explain step by step what to do so that anyone can understand it. Continue reading

The Fusion of Google Talk, Voice, Google + Messenger and Hangouts Ever Closer

Last summer Google announced that they would merge all its services messaging, voice and video calls on a product that would see the light during this year 2013, no concrete date, but it seems that its release might take place in the coming months.

Last night the developer François Beaufort published a screenshot of a version in development of Chrome OS to display new notifications, but also showed the icon of a messaging application from Google in which already States that it is its new Unified Messaging service, since many see in this design based on those conversations sandwiches the expected merger of Google Talk , Google Voice, Google + Messenger and Hangouts, although the icon could change in its final version. Continue reading

The Best 2012: LINE, The Best Communication App

Xataka Android editors have decided to agree to decide the best applications of this year. Over the next few days we will be listing the best aplicacioness of each section, starting today with the category of instant messaging, a market that the last few days has moved much as well discussed in our latest articles.

The winner this year in this category has been appointed with almost total unanimity, and it has been neither more nor less than LINE, instant messaging that is breaking among a good portion of our contacts. He has been preferred by our editors, sweeping over the rest of alternatives that you want to do with the throne of instant messaging. Continue reading

Electonic Arts and Post Meet IntermóN Oxfam to Create Solidarity Postcards from Your Android

We continue with more companies who choose to take advantage of these dates to make solidarity contributions in conjunction with NGOs. It is the case of Electronic Arts, who has decided to put the name of the Sims franchise and the services of the postal service to obtain inputs for Intermón Oxfam in his campaign for the creation of gardens in Mauritania.

Without leaving aside the physical postcards, tradition that remains in very small proportions to the for a few years, have decided to join forces to support charitable projects. From this version of your postal application we can congratulate the parties and pass to make a contribution to this project. Continue reading

LINE Presents Future Plans: Use Multiple Devices and Open International Offices, Including Spain

LINE It has used today to connect its global expansion plans, because they want to make sure to properly expand its user base in those countries where begins to have public. Spain is just one of them, and to this end have announced expansion plans for this country.

For the moment everything is managed with a group of 80 personnel from Japan to get to monetize the service based on stickers, sponsored games and official accounts, which is what you pay the costs of the service. This will focus on the international market and plans It is to open a delegation in Europe and later in countries such as Spain to be able to market these services on the old continent, and in the case of triumph would see accounts of officers of celebrities with which to interact, as well as creator stickers by most international artists. Continue reading