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Victorinox Launches Watch Inspired by Astronauts

After the Swiss army knife of Victorinox won all competitions on Earth, reached out your action to accompany the astronauts in their adventures in outer space. Thus, the famous knife the brand took off towards the heights, accompanied by the new I.N.O.X. Sky High limited edition. The design of the two items involves strings of parachutes and inspiration in costume of the astronauts, which results in tools that promise to work reliably in any situation. Continue reading

A Look at the Extensive Range of Japanese Empire Citizen

The watch brand Citizen belongs to the Japanese company Citizen Holdings.Since its founding in 1918, Citizen has become the world’s largest watch and watch manufacturer.To the present Citizen shines with impressive innovations and elegant timepieces, which are very popular all over the world.The Citizen Watches are available for both men and women.The range is made up of Citizen Promaster, Citizen Super Titanium, Citizen Elegant and Citizen sports watches.The Citizen Promaster group is subdivided into Citizen Land, SEA and SKY.The collection Super Titanium offers Citizen men’s watches, ladies watches and multifunction/Chrono models.The elegant collection also includes ladies’ watches, men’s watches and chronographs.The Sportuhren from Citizen impress with technical robustness and a timelessly elegant design. Continue reading

Watch from Victorinox Now on Exclusive Version for Scuba Diving

The I.N.O.X. model, considered the toughest in the world and watch that became best-seller of Victorinox, arrives in Brazil with an exclusive version for diving. Combining design and innovation, the new I.N.O.X. Professional Diver steel strap resists dips of up to 200 meters deep. Continue reading

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditional

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditional lady of white gold with dark blue alligator leather bracelet. Price: 23.600 euros.

Vacheron Constantin is considered to be the oldest, continuously active watchmaker in the world and is nevertheless known only among connoisseurs. The ladies’ and men’s models of the Geneva manufactory are in classic style and made of fine materials. The Patrimony Traditional Dame, which is available in 2013 with two new but no less classic versions, remains faithful to this credo. Continue reading

Improve Your Wake up with the Android Alarm Clock

Google’s decision to remove some of its core applications from within Android has borne fruit and allowed very interesting developments.

An example of one of these applications is the Android’s own clock, which contains several functions, including the alarm clock.There is now in this alarm clock an interesting novelty and that will improve your start of day. Continue reading

Smart Watches and Wristbands Will Unlock Windows 10

A few hours ago during Computex 2016, Microsoft took the stage to demonstrate even more possibilities with its current platform, Windows 10.

In the presentation, the company showed that it will soon be possible to use the Windows Hello feature via wearable devices, for example using a Nymi Band fingerprint reader to securely log in to a PC, Wearable function as a kind of remote credential. Continue reading

Apple Plans to Launch Sleep Monitoring App for Its Watch

During the launch event of the Apple Watch Series 2 , the American company highlighted its functions aimed at users who intend to use it as an aid to the practice of sports. For this, it has several sensors such as barometer and GPS that can help calculate the amount of calories burned, for example. Continue reading