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TRIWA Watches, Innovative And Extravagant Watches From Sweden

Today we want tointroduce you to our new brand TRIWA, which we have been online recently. TRIWA is a word creation and is composed of the English terms: TR ansformin the I ndustry of WA tches. The collection of this innovative watch designer is already at the first look different than what you know. Consistently, fashion trends and styles are not there, because TRIWA wants to set trends and not follow any currents without being behind it. So clearly it is like all other things synonymous in the first taste, but TRIWA watches are definitely not 08/15, which can be fixed at this point already times.

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Top 3: Our Three Biggest Men’s Watches

The size of a wristwatch is a very individual decision of the watch carrier, because whether it likes rather large or small time knives, he must evaluate for himself. Nevertheless, the trend is more likely towards XXL watches, which are currently very popular. They should be impressive, striking and underline the masculine side of the owner. Because of their oversizedness, they leave a lasting impression on the opposing conversation partner because they immediately fall into the eye. Continue reading

Franck Muller Watches:Master and Its Complications

Not long ago, we presented you the watches Maîtres du Temps, enhancing brand in youth which is characterized by seniority and by inheriting traditional values. In the case of Franck Muller, master founder himself, which also gives its name to the watches, which demarcates for your youth and unusual superiority in creating complications: “master of complications”, is precisely to your signature. Continue reading

Tested: Smartwatch Clock 360 Sport Bike

I had already tested the first Bike 360 version, as you can see in this article, and now I have the opportunity to try the newest version of the smartwatch clock of Motorola (actually Lenovo, I’m still going to take a while to get used to it!) that has a more sporty profile and received some very interesting upgrades: the 360 Sport Bike. Continue reading

Hamilton Khaki Field Black Dial Watch

The brand of Hamilton, which belongs to the Swatch Group and advertises with “American Spirit-Swiss Precision”, is previously unknown in Germany. Here, various models of this brand are held quite frequently and barely recognizable in the cameras in Hollywood blockbusters: was last as the Hamilton Khaki BeLOWZERO (with 46mm and very interesting design-a real scrappy) in The Martians and the Hamilton Khaki pilot day date in interstellar quite prominently placed on the wrists of the actor. Overall the brand aimed rather at a younger clientele, what is emphasized by the placement in science fiction and action films.

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7 Brands of Watches That Were Lost in Time

There are those who refuse or cannot use, some people forget that some people don’t have them, the dispense and some people use them as play sets. We speak of clocks. Although there is a number of brands of watches, some more famous or more expensive, there are others that don’t sell well. For whatever reason, only a few old marks were and it’s not like that we’re going to talk about, but those that stayed behind.  Continue reading

How To Choose A Watch To Match The Style Of Your Clothes

It seems a simple matter, but not quite, constantly get questions from readers of the Male Canal about How to combine the clock according to the clothing style chosen. Some are trying to circumvent the rules and enter any piece in the middle of the look, others just can’t get right the relationship between the style of the clock and the costume. At the end of the day just be common sense and following these basic tips that cover the 5 most common cases when it comes to men’s watch: Continue reading

Saint Honore Swiss Timepieces

The watchmaker of Saint Honored was founded in 1885 and has always stood for the special “Paris design”. The Saint Honored Trocadero Lady Magic Flower watchmakers once again underline the standards and launch a timepiece that will appeal to especially the women’s world through his exceptional artistic design. Continue reading

What are Hybrid Watches

Smartwatches are the modern form of a timepiece and the clock world is now an integral part. They have now secured their place in the watch industry. This is why more and more watch brands are bringing out their own interpretation of a smart watch. However, the different models have one thing in common: they have functions that usually communicate the smartphone to the user and can be synchronized with it. The representations of the functions are different for each brand. Continue reading

The first modern Aviator watch by Patek Philippe

The Calatrava travel time reference 5524 G Patek Philippe pilot is the first modern Aviator watch of brand: price: €41.260 (EIA).

A pilot’s watch by Patek Philippe? Watch fans 2015 not astonished at the BASELWORLD watch fair, as such a copy has been presented by the luxury brand. The Calatrava pilot travel time reference is 5524 the first pilot’s watch of modern Patek Philippe – and is inspired by timepieces from the 1930s. Continue reading