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What are Hybrid Watches

Smartwatches are the modern form of a timepiece and the clock world is now an integral part. They have now secured their place in the watch industry. This is why more and more watch brands are bringing out their own interpretation of a smart watch. However, the different models have one thing in common: they have functions that usually communicate the smartphone to the user and can be synchronized with it. The representations of the functions are different for each brand. Continue reading

The first modern Aviator watch by Patek Philippe

The Calatrava travel time reference 5524 G Patek Philippe pilot is the first modern Aviator watch of brand: price: €41.260 (EIA).

A pilot’s watch by Patek Philippe? Watch fans 2015 not astonished at the BASELWORLD watch fair, as such a copy has been presented by the luxury brand. The Calatrava pilot travel time reference is 5524 the first pilot’s watch of modern Patek Philippe – and is inspired by timepieces from the 1930s. Continue reading

Top 8 Men’s Watches With Moon Phase

Full moon, new moon or midway between? Who knows the silhouette of the moon in today’s post-ghost? The charm of watches with lunar phase complication is that they focus on a theme that is usually not given much attention in everyday life. But not only that. The moon and post-dice discs, which appear behind small additional dials, also look simply breathtaking and create an aesthetic twist, which exerts a certain charm at dress watches. The special feature of this collection of the most beautiful moon phase models from our shop: With the exception of the Omega Speedmaster Professional, all models are equipped with an inhouse developed clockwork. Continue reading

LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch

The LG Watch Urbane commitment to luxury and premium look but still betting on the potential of Android Wear

LG just released a few hours ago its new commitment in the field of smart watches and we have surprised everyone with their LG Watch Urbane . With a background of two generations in this new technological category, it seems that the time has come to go for luxury and premium look , so we know what we know so far of the new LG.

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Withings Activité Pop Smart Watch

The Activité Pop is a smartwatch quantifier with all the best design Withings but at an affordable price

Longtime we follow closely in the footsteps of Withings and its “pseudo-smartwatch” Activité, because although certainly can not properly be considered a smart watch because they lack certain essential elements such as a screen, an OS or applications, its fantastic and elegant design, coupled with its functions to monitor our physical activity and sleep, well you deserve the right to be among our smartwatch.

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Smartwatches Samsung Galaxy Gear

Smart watches have recently become more and more the norm. Their developments have started to work and companies such as Apple and HTC. Among the pioneers but were Sony and Samsung. And just for the Galaxy Gear Samsung we will look in more detail.

Design – the biggest priority, and enticement

Galaxy Gear majority of users do not hold their functions, but it is pleasing and elegant design. On the front is dominated by the 1.63 “Super AMOLED display, which is surrounded by a polished metal frame.At each corner is then to find one screw, which fulfill both practical and aesthetic importance.

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