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Smart Watches and Wristbands Will Unlock Windows 10

A few hours ago during Computex 2016, Microsoft took the stage to demonstrate even more possibilities with its current platform, Windows 10.

In the presentation, the company showed that it will soon be possible to use the Windows Hello feature via wearable devices, for example using a Nymi Band fingerprint reader to securely log in to a PC, Wearable function as a kind of remote credential. Continue reading

Apple Plans to Launch Sleep Monitoring App for Its Watch

During the launch event of the Apple Watch Series 2 , the American company highlighted its functions aimed at users who intend to use it as an aid to the practice of sports. For this, it has several sensors such as barometer and GPS that can help calculate the amount of calories burned, for example. Continue reading

Skype Is Updated with Support for Android Wear Smart Watches

Smart watches are becoming popular devices among smartphone and tablet consumers, but that market should increase further over the next few years.In any case, companies developing mobile applications have also begun to build versions for wearable device platforms.This Tuesday (29/9) Google even unveiled a version of Maps for Apple Watch. Continue reading

Kaloer – the Conceptual Clock for Android

A few years ago, I was attending a lecture by a friend about visual expression, decoration and aspects related to architecture.At that point he ended his intervention, in front of his students saying “Whatever you do, do with class and personality.”This is the application that I leave for Android. Continue reading

Universities in Australia Are Banning the Use of Smart Watches

The wearable devices market has been around for some time, but it really started to grow in the last six months. Apple Watch was finally released and began to win over thousands of people who were skeptical of the product style. There is also Pebble Time, who became extremely famous after his campaign on the Kickstarter, which managed to raise more than $ 20 million in a few days. Continue reading

Sleepi – Create Your Own Alarm Clock with a Raspberry Pi

Interesting Projects Using Raspberry Pi (Part III)

Having a Raspberry Pi and a different idea is halfway to creating an interesting project.On the Internet many projects are based on this popular mini PC, and they make all the documentation/instructions available so that each of us can do the same thing. Continue reading

Sounds Smartwatch 3 for September

The IFA Berlin, which this year will begin on September 5, has been the fair chosen by Sony to present their Xperia ‘Z’. This year, it seems, there will be no changes: the X3 has been glimpsed, although it seems to have a partner in the form of the Sony Smartwatch 3. Continue reading

Antique Clocks Collectors Tips

Collectors of vintage watches:

A collection for older people, is the collection of clocks. Of course that is not restricted only to this age group, but through research, found that 90% of collectors of antique clocks has more than 50 years. The collections have in vista wall clocks, pocket watches, alarm clocks and cuckoo clocks. Typically these older watches end up being passed down from generation to generation and when one of the family members realize, has a much appreciated by collectors and ends or selling that clock and profiting from it, or taking a taste for collection.

Continue reading