Celebrity Favorite Shapewear

There was a time when shapewear was equal to some absurdly tight panties that were practically impossible to get on. And when you saw had gotten them on, did you get hudpølser on your thighs and stomach, and it was a huge project just to go to the toilet. You felt you on every way bound in!

Now also with garnish
Today there are a plethora of different shapwearlinjer – in different materials with different focus areas. Common to most, though, is that the degree has been researched materials, which tightens up and keeps inside, without having to feel like a breastplate, you can’t breathe in. Some are actually starting to decorate their shapewear with common lingerie details, so that you also may be familiar to show it off to him or her, you have invited into the bedroom.

Tell us about your Favorites
Here we give an overview of some of the many lines that exist within shapewear, and what their individual strengths are – that way you can hopefully figure out what brands you should go for the next time, it says shapewear on your shopping list. It is clear that the list is not complete – please write finally into Petsinclude, where you buy your best shapewear!

BRAND: Marks & Spencer
Country: England
PRICE LEVEL: From 90 KR. for panties to 370 DKK for a body.
SIZES: Panties and slips to str. 50, bodysuits to 90 G.
GOOD for: Marks & Spencer has traditionally always been good at lingerie, so with their shapewearlinjer you get all the opportunities you can dream of. Bodysuits that creates pulley, panties that keeps the stomach inside and not least the coveted slip-dresses, which creates a nice silhouette under party dress.
OUR FAVORITKØB: Firm Control Waist Sculpt Drop – a truly supportive undergarment with fine patterns and lace, where you can have your own bra on and thus avoid ‘ flat ‘ breasts. Up to size 50, ca. 330 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer.

Country: Denmark
PRICE LEVEL: From 99 USD to panties to 249 USD for a petticoat.
SIZES: All parts up to 3XL
GOOD for: a series of base-shapeweardele, which is adorned with a little feminine touches such as a lace edge or a little wrinkle at the bust, so you may well be aware of dress you by while you’re having company ‘.
OUR FAVORITKØB: Shapetrusser with lace edges that both decorate and ensures a fine over time, so that you minimize the sausages on the thighs and abdomen. Up to size 3XL, 99 USD + shipping, H & m.

TAG: Zizzi
Country: Denmark
PRICE LEVEL: From 349.95 DKK for panties for 549.95 DKK for under dress.
SIZES All parts up to XL (54-56)
GOOD for: a basic series with three different parts. All are body-toning and matte with special weaves, where there is most need support. Vævningerne also provides the definition of the bust, so you avoid the ‘ mono-boob ‘. On the other hand, you do without decorative details.
OUR FAVORITKØB: Shapewear-top that has silicone edge so that it doesn’t slide up and woven fields that shapes the bust. Up to size XL, 449.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi.

BRAND: Torrid
PRICE LEVEL: From 205 USD for shorts to DKK 470 for a petticoat.
SIZES: most parts up to size 60
GOOD for: a few basic things – with a focus on the need to tighten up and keep inside, not that it must look good or be elegant to detach.
OUR FAVORITKØB: Hooked Up Shapewear High Waist Shorts – a few serious shorts that both tightens the waist, tummy, buttocks and thighs up. Two details make them brilliant: there are two straps that you can attach to the BRA, so your shorts not rolls down, and a netdetalje by benåbningen makes the expands with your thighs. Up to size 60, ca. 290 USD + shipping, Torrid.

BRAND: Prima Donna
Country: Denmark
PRICE: From DKK 319 for panties for 799 DKK for under dress.
SIZES: All parts up to size 48
Serve With: Colors. Couture series from Prima Donnas shapewear available both in black, white, nude and red, while the Pearl is body-toning basic parts. In addition, there is a focus on fine, feminine lace and small loops.
OUR FAVORITKØB: Bead Shape g-string – panties for you who would like to have a discreet g-string, but will not avoid tight up-the effect on the stomach. Up to size 46, 319 kr, Prima Donna with URLace.dk

BRAND: Shape town/Lane Bryant Cacique
PRICE LEVEL: From 242 USD for a taljetop for 497 USD for bodysuits.
SIZES: All parts up to size 60
GOOD for: You will find a good mix of basic workhorses for the more blonde filled cases that may not be quite as effective as the hudfarvede cases, but on the other hand, is very sexy.
OUR FAVORITKØB: Waist Cincher – a taljeopstrammer, which hooks you in bh’ens midterpanel. You have so panties and BRA on, while the Center party tightens up. taljetoppen up to size 60, 242 USD + shipping, Shape town Cacique at Lane Bryant.

BRAND: Spanx
PRICE LEVEL: From 267 USD for shorts to 736 DKK for slips.
SIZES: All parts up to 3 x (ca. str. 56)
GOOD for: Spanx is go two-the favorite of shapewear – many mentions actually shapewear that’s spanx ‘. In the United States, they have also a plus size line with all their best sellers – among other things the entire surface shorts and slips with room for your own bra.
OUR FAVORITKØB: Simplicity Open-Bust Body Suit – a full-body suit with shorts and space for your own bra. There are cotton posts so you don’t have to have panties on, and they open at the bottom as a body. Up to size 3 x, 736 USD + shipping, Spanx at Lane Bryant.


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