Cheap SSD for Beginners

The crucial BX 200 is one of the best SSDs on the market. In the practice test, we reveal whether worth the purchase.

Cheap SSD for Beginners

The crucial BX 200 was one of the best SSDs on the market yet to launch in the autumn 2015. A typical crucial to quality workmanship made it the bargain tip. Prices currently around 60, 115 or 220 euros for 240, 480 or 960 GB should have accessed some buyer blind. In the practice test, we reveal why the BX 200 SSDs are so low, and whether there is a catch.

In short: Yes, the there. But not all users are affected it decisively. The SSD is aimed at beginners with ordinary usage patterns – the crucial drives this reliably perform their service. Adept users bother to performance degradation under high load according to petsinclude.

Crucial for the BX200 relies on TLC NAND memory. It describes individual cells with three rather than as with other SSD technologies with one or two bits. In contrast to Samsung (such as the 850 EVO) not is crucial at the TLC store also on a three-dimensional technique (V-NAND), but remains at a level. The advantage for crucial: Fit more data on a SSD and the development costs and therefore the price is lower. Because SSDs acknowledge the higher traffic usually with a lower performance with TLC technology, the crucial SSD as drives from other manufacturers with a trick must work to spikes to intercept and to ensure an SSD typical speed.

Read and write speeds are at the crucial BX200 SSDs on average at just under 400 megabytes per second. This is true but only until such time as a quasi cache was completely described by three (240GB-), six (480GB-) or 12 gigabytes (960GB-SSD) in a corridor. Within these limits, the TLC cells work namely as ordinary memory cells, which once described as a high performance. Then, it describes triple cells. Then lose the letter values significantly the SSDs. As a result, the read performance is not restricted. Accordingly, the 960GB-Variante is almost the SSD with the highest endurance of series.

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Clarification: If you want to write a file or a folder on the SSD that are each bigger than the ‘cache’, operate the cells to a point three, six or twelve gigabytes than ordinary cells and offer such rates of around (and depending on the data type also) 400 megabytes per second. The limit has been exceeded, Act no longer the cache, but the TLC cell–and then drops the write rate partly to under 100 megabytes per second. When reading the values remain SSD typical high. The SSD is so sometimes slower than a magnetic hard disk write load. Other manufacturers such as Sam sung, the performance drop is better caught, inter alia through a three-dimensional arrangement of the data. So comes the Sam sung 850 Evo as a whole while on a better rating, but also more expensive compared to the crucial BX200.

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Users are affected by the “problem”, and want to push regular large amounts of data on a computer. Being media libraries or as a photo collection. But in typical users this should not too often occur. Under Windows, at boot time, in games and when working in typical programs users who have previously used a magnetic hard disk will benefit significantly from the crucial BX 200. The write and read rates are up on the marked restriction in the green zone.

Despite prices of under 23 cents per gigabyte, we can however not more fully have to pronounce a buy recommendation. Meanwhile, other manufacturers such as, for example, San Disk in similarly low areas are penetrated without so much suffer performance degradation. Frequent lightning deals do the rest. Nevertheless remains the crucial BX 200 a good, cheap, and sufficiently dimensioned – especially in the 960GB-Variante – SSD for again, entry-level systems.