Check Out The House Of Holland Brand Sunglasses

The sunglasses from the House of Holland are as its chief designer, Henry Holland: creative, colorful and, above all, unpretentious.

Who does not bet on a young designer who poses after the parade of gray sweatpants full of black balls, jacket and T-shirt? Yes, believe me, he brings good ideas in his sunglasses proposals.

And speaking of balls, look them there in the best little ladybug! The John Lennon-style base gains femininity and humor. Definitely, House of Holland sunglasses serve very exotic tastes: how about these yellow or green Plexiglas models? More than protecting against the sun’s harmful rays, the glasses stand out in any crowd, as thedressexplorer says.

No wonder Rihanna is one of the unconditional fans of the label: hexagonal models and the color of the frames are a must in the wardrobe of a star who knows what she does when she is targeted by the papparazzi lenses.

The stylist who gives the name to the maison is called Henry Holland, comes from England and became famous when he launched a collection of t-shirts inspired in the 1980s with phrases like “I’ll tell you who’s boss, Kate Moss.” After working on collaborations with labels like Levi Strauss & Co and Debenhams, young Holland launched their own line called House of Holland. His work as a blogger in no less important media than VOGUE magazine, Holland exposes himself in a humble and friendly way, sincerely expressing his emotions pre-week fashion.

The outlandish costumes posted in photos and used by the designer himself reveal the playful and urban style of this fashion line so special.