Chino, Shorts and Sneakers – a Summery, Casual Outfit

I still have an outfit for you, which I put together with Yancor. Just right for days when it is not so warm and which you can wear in the office, not only in the leisure time. From the compilation quite simple, it convinces by a coherent overall impression.

Chino, Shorts and Sneakers - a Summery, Casual Outfit

Let’s start from the top down. In terms of outerwear, I wear a shirt from Key Largo, which is called “Bread new round”– probably inspired by the large round neckline of the shirt. Otherwise it is in this back to the roots, renounce snippets, prints and eye-catching patterns. Simply a shirt, which can convince by its minimalist approach. This is the reason why the shirt with a normal fit is a little casual.

The back of the shirt is a little longer and the material used is not only kept with standard cotton, but uses slightly flamed cotton to create a slightly worn look. Fits perfectly to the T-shirt as I find. Openly designed seams contribute to the look of the shirt. I especially like the shirt in a total of six colors-so there should be something for every taste/style.

Combined, I have the shirt of Key Largo with a beige Chino from Redbridge . A chino, which fits wonderfully to the casual, casual look of the shirt. Even so, you do not do anything wrong in the office, as attention was paid to high-quality workmanship and stylish appearance. Just in conjunction with the summer shirt is an eyecatcher, alone through the color contrast from chino to shirt.

Redbridge pants are otherwise classic chino, the material used feels comfortable on the skin. A pair of trousers that can be worn longer. Of the comfort I would almost equate with a jogging trousers, at the same time significantly more style.

I chose the Gel-Lyte V from Asics Tiger in Light Mint Mint. Just fit the fist in the eye. In addition, the sneakers are at least as comfortable as the chino and the shirt, alone, they are qualified to wear this outfit. And of the color consistency I do not have to start to swarm, right?

Otherwise, this casual outfit again came without great accessories according to youremailverifier. Only my Junghans Milano Mega Solar, I wore on the wrist. A simple, simple wrist watch, which is based on the power of the sun. And we have had enough of that for a long time.

Before you can now look at the individual elements of the look again in detail, I am naturally interested in your opinion about the look. Would you wear it like that? What do you like especially well, what not?