Choose the Right Sports Bra

Try the bra before buying, feel different models when they differ both in design and size, as well as in materials. Choose a sports bra:

  • Which provides plenty of support and cover the entire breast so they do not slip out.
  • Who have the right fit and not too tight, but tighter than a normal bra.
  • Which is comfortable to wear.
  • If you have a large bust, choose a wide elastic that fits snugly under your breasts and do not slip up when you move.It may well have sturdy straps and double fabric.
  • If you have a smaller bust, you can choose a less powerful and simpler version.

How We Tested

  • Sports bras are tested by Textiles & Leather Laboratory in Stockholm AB.
  • First measured the level before and after ten wash. For to test color fastness to perspiration, we cut out two test pieces was wet. They were in an acidic and alkaline perspiration solution together with its own strip of six different fibers and made into an oven for four hours before they were examined to see if the sample color of the fiber strip.
  • Bras have tested practically by two women of different sizes. They jogged, and walked on various exercise classes with bras for a few weeks before they left their comments and reviews.
  • Racerback bras were purchased in the area in early April.
    The price is what we paid in the store.
  • The rating scale is 1 to 5, where 5 is best.