Christmas Nail Art Designs for Beginners

December has always been one of my favorite months and by far the only winter months that I love. Lit streets, shop windows arranged in red, windows proudly display colorful Christmas trees and nativity scenes from year to year are filled with new pastors; in short, to resist the magic of Christmas is almost impossible, and so here we are super busy with preparations for a special day. 

If the first few days of the month are dedicated to the theme purchases of decorations and chocolates, the second week it’s up to gifts and souvenirs from put under the tree; so we come to the third running from one supermarket buying everything you need for a menu able to feed an army to complete.

Spent the third week, it starts a real fact of running their own countdown to the last gifts because punctually you have forgotten someone, dell’outfit choice with purchase of a new red lipstick to show off at parties, hairdressing and manicure themed Christmas.

If we decide not to rely on the expert hands of a beautician because we want to realize our nail art by themselves, but we do not have a lot of manual work, there are plenty of beginners to test ideas.
Let us see together 10 Christmas nail art fast and easy to implement.

Christmas nail art simple

If in addition to spread the glaze know maximum use a brush with precision to create small decorations you have before you three options:
– to apply a red nail polish on all nails and choose a contrasting color for the ring finger nail; apply a transparent glaze, making small triangles on the nails that some applications will become Christmas trees;
– or apply a red or green nail polish or even alternating both as in the picture and with a golden glaze create small bows gift.

Christmas nail art for those with a steady hand

If you do not have much experience with nail art, but you are lucky enough to have a very steady hand, then you simply need a red nail polish gel or gel effect that will serve as a base and a white enamel with which to make or a single but decided to nail tip line or oblique lines to retrieve the candy canes,  lollipops or the most famous of Christmas.

Christmas nail art for those who want to try their hand

If this year you have decided that the nail art will be a challenge with yourself, then these two proposals are for you, because they require a bit ‘of time and patience for those who are beginners.

The simplest version is to provide an accent manicure leaving all nails simply silver lacquer and creating instead sull’anulare a snowman; the second version, however, is a bit ‘more demanding because it requires the realization of more snowmen, but also of snowflakes and of different sized snowballs.

Christmas nail art for those with a bit of manual work

Finally, if you’re not an expert, but a bit of manual work will not miss it, you can opt for something more elaborate that requires the ability to use fine brushes and precision at the highest level.
You can then decide to carry small bells, the Christmas star or even a garland, all strictly in version mini, for a result really chic.