Christmas Tree on the Wall Ideas

The long-standing tradition to decorate the Christmas tree – a constant attribute of the winter holidays. Today, the classic spruce with colorful balls and lights can not spruce and not even a tree! In addition to the traditional pine tree, you can add an alternative Christmas trees in a festive interior decor. Wall silhouettes of trees is especially suitable for those who have no space in the room for a live pine trees, there are no opportunities to put it because of the animals, or just wish felled forest beauty.

Use natural elements to create his own hands Christmas tree decorative images. Since we have to draw a tree – Use twigs, wooden planks, boards and bars, saw cut logs, etc suggested by Growtheology.

Forget about the classic decoration of branches of pine garlands LED – flashlights. Why not make the whole tree lights? Hang garland on the wall lights, drawing abstract silhouette of a Christmas tree, or create a more traditional and recognizable image of a tree.

To decorate a Christmas tree balls, snowflakes, toys and other traditional Christmas decorations. Drop conservatism, look around and create a wall Christmas Tree from a wide variety of subjects – ie paper clips and buttons to photos within!

If you like classic Christmas toys – excellent, place them in a tree of any size in any location, in need of a festive atmosphere – on the wall, window, door or ceiling.

In the end, simply draw a stylized tree on the wall, stick the stickers, or cut it out of the paper!

The most important thing – a cheerful and joyful mood, not only during the holidays, but all year round!