Chromebooks: Best of Tablet and PC in a Single Product

Do you like the simplicity of the tablets but want a computer that does not dispense the keyboard, mouse, SD cards, USB ports?

Chromebooks: Best of Tablet and PC in a Single Product

Because Google – in partnership with notebook manufacturers – has just launched Chromebooks. It has what you are looking for and more.Follow:

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are notebooks from companies like Acer and Samsung, tailor-made to run ChromeOS, Google’s operating system.

Do I need Windows?

Chromebooks Best of Tablet and PC in a Single Product 1

No, ChromeOS is a complete operating system.

What are the main features?

The computer turns on in less than 10 seconds.There is no need to install any programs.No need to worry about upgrades or security.

Where are my files?

All information is “in the cloud”, ie stored on a server, without the HD.

Do I always have to be online?


Are these notebooks the same as “ordinary” notebooks?

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The machines have some physical characteristics different from the ordinary notebooks.For storage they have a 16 GB “only” SSD drive.But the idea is not to store information on the computer and on a server.

How do I download the programs?

The concept of “program” is the same as for tablets.You need to download apps from the Google store.

What connections are available?

USB connections, external HD, memory cards.But you can not copy files from the external hard drive or external memory to the internal memory (called “File Shelf” by the system), or from internal memory to an external disk.

It is also possible to plug a USB mouse and keyboard (wireless also).

And HDMI connections?

Some models have this connection, in addition to VGA connector for monitors and televisions.

Does Chromebook replace the Tablet?

They are two slightly different devices.The main one is that there is no touch screen.The Chromebook has a built-in physical keyboard and accepts the mouse.

What price and where to buy?

Chromebooks are already on sale in the US at Amazon and Best Buy stores.The Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook Wi-Fi, comes out for $ 429.99.The Acer AC700 Chromebook Wi-Fi, for $ 349.99.

Still in June the Samsungs arrive in the European market.And there is no official date for the start of sales in Brazil (probably later this year).

Chromebooks Best of Tablet and PC in a Single Product 3

The best:

  • You turn on your computer and in 8 seconds you are already on the main screen.
  • The Wi-Fi or 3G connection is automatic.
  • Nothing to worry about backups.Is your laptop stolen or broken?No problem, the files are stored elsewhere, on a server, where your Google account is.
  • Install programs?Go to the Android store and download the app.
  • Make updates?No need, everything is updated automatically.
  • Security: Each webpage or application runs independently, preventing the proliferation of viruses and malware.
    According to Google, Chromebooks “employ the principle of ‘defense in depth’ to provide multiple layers of protection, including secure mode, data encryption, and boot verification.”

Why can it work …

The personal computer industry has always worked this way:software companies create their programs (or packages with various programs) and manufacturers develop products that can run them.

Thus, programs become increasingly “heavy”, with hundreds of useless functions for most users. A very clear example of this is the Microsoft Office suite.

To make matters worse, the operating system used by most, Windows, was gradually being built to serve the companies.Microsoft even tried to develop lighter versions of its Windows for the individual consumer, a strategy that did not work.

In this new era the concept is different.No systems that suck the computer’s capacity.Everything is stored “in the cloud”, in this case on a server, like Google’s.

And the problems…

As in everything, embedded in the great advantage of this concept are some problems that can not be disregarded:

1 – Ethics and security.After all it is Google itself who will store and centralize most of the information.And to replace the old programs, the user will have only one option: to download applications from the Google store (free or paid).

2 – As New York Times technology columnist David Pogue pointed out, keeping this information “in the cloud” (on servers) could cause bandwidth bottlenecks on the internet. As a consequence, broadband operators should limit the monthly amount of data from home users (just as it already does with mobile users, such as cell phones, iPhones, etc.).

Read the article by David Pogue Analysis:With the cloud, data traffic explodes and the centope band, published in the technology section of the newspaper Estado de São Paulo.