Clothing More Suitable for Each Sport

There are several sports and activities that need special attention when it comes to dress.  A high compression pant is not indicated for running and just as leggings are not suitable for those who practice yoga. That’s why we have selected for you the most suitable pieces for each type of special modality.


To practice ballet the ideal is to wear thin pantyhose, panty set to the body with soft weaving, but with the firmness necessary to move freely. Because it is one of the most delicate modalities it has, the ballet has several colors indicated for beginner and veteran dancers.


For swimming it is necessary to wear  commit4fitness and swimwear that fit your body, with high compression, so that in the impact with the water the fabric stays right to the body like a second skin, causing that it is not influenced by the gravity of the water.


Football is one of the modalities that most need fresh and lightweight fabric because it is a sport that is practically 2 hours of constant running. During the match the skin perspires excessively, making the clothes heavy and hot, to the point of making the game unpleasant. Always be aware of the fabric type, always prefer Dri-Fit or StayCool models.


To play sneakers skirt shorts is a great model to be worn, made to not cause the friction between the legs at the time of departure, shorts prevents possible rashes, and fit perfectly to the body to give more safety to the woman.

The secret to freely practicing your favorite exercises is always to choose the appropriate clothes to exercise, being part of this, fabrics that offer protection to your body and also comfort and style.