Colors of Lipsticks for Winter

Trend-2012 winter lipsticks

With the arrival of colder climate many things change in the feminine universe, including makeup. The mild temperatures allow the looks are more elegant, refined, developed and, above all, daring. In addition to the clothes, the hair, weight gain freedom and decency, to make WINS glamour and sensuality.

What the most basic item of makeup, but that could change everything at any time? The lipstick from Ehuacom. If you are using a lipstick color of mouth and suddenly switch to a grape, everything is different, right? Yes, that’s what happens in the winter, the colors have gained more strength and sobriety. In the summer we were abusing shades of Orange, coral and roses, now in winter everything changes. The shades of summer give way to the living colors of red grape, wine, bordôs, purple, coppery and marrons.

The mouths were darker and powerful, but not everyone is adapting to the new sets. Not so new as well, because a few years ago the “vampiric” also have been in your Prime and made very successful among the fashionistas of the time. It is very important to know that these colors are not for any person, very dark tones, for example, are more suitable for people with full lips and big, because the color tends to close your lips, leaving them lower.

To get into the fashion of the lipsticks from this winter, start investing in a red or grape color. Combine vibrant lips with simple eyes and delicate, so not likely to be heavy look.