Comfortable Ankle Boots for Wide Feet

It is with very little enthusiasm that I packages summer Sandals away and again going to sting the feet in both socks and closed shoes. This year no exception.

But fortunately there is still a little time for the vamsede winter boots must be found. And when it can’t be different, so can I really good find little joy again to find my ankle boots.

The short boots are perfect for pants and the “ grove ” versions can give edge to a feminine dress or skirt. If you choose the more feminine version of the boots, have you at the footwear that you can easily use as a mule to winter parties.

Ankle boot is in other words a very useful piece of footwear that you get in models with extra wide.


Sand, size 35 to 42, ca. 468.76, ASOS

Black, size 35 to 42, about 1600 USD, Ted and Muffy

Burgundy, size 37 to 43, approximately 450 DKK + shipping, Evans


Black Suede, size 35 to 42, ca. 520.85, ASOS

Green/Brown, size 35 to 42, ca. DKK 2540, Ted and Muffy

Thin heels Black size 36 to 41, ca. 250 USD + shipping , Evans

Blue, size 35 to 42, ca. DKK 1680, Ted and Muffy with buckle, size 36 to 42, ca. 290 USD, New Look at ASOS

Black Chelsea boots, size 36-42, ca. 291.57 DKK, New Look at ASOS

Leoprint, size 35 to 42, about 1600 USD, Ted and Muffy

Navy, size 37 to 41, ca. 560 USD + shipping, Marks and Spencer

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