Comfortable Summer Shoes for Walking

I just heard in the weather forecast, that today is a serious contender to become this year’s hottest. It can be the explanation that I have woken up with warm feet.

That is why I have already here a bit in eight o’clock had time in one of my essential summer products: cooling foot sprays. A few hints on each foot, and it feels like getting a new pair of feet.

Peppermint cooling footspray, 100 ml, 80 USD + shipping, Body Shop

Fine feet
I am a hush around the hard skin on the heels. Heels with calluses and cracks in a pair of open summer sandler takes all my attention, and so I do not know what discovers a wonderful woman would otherwise have clothed themselves in the heat.

There are many opinions on how to get the tough skin best for life. Here are my final — share your tips and tricks in the comments box.

I am the lazy type. Therefore, it must move quickly to remove the hard skin. It was a revelation, because a friend gave me what we have dubbed the world’s best fodfil. It is used on dry skin, so the fight against the hard skin is not dependent on the fact that you’ve been in bad.

Micro plane fodfil, 219 USD + shipping, Matas

Otherwise are fed cream morning and night a good weapon in the fight against the tough skin. I don’t have any real cream favorites. I am currently on the good old Nivea. I think it is easy to smear out and become quickly absorbed.

Nivea Cream, 250 ml, 49.95 USD + shipping, Matas

If you’re not so good at getting into the routine with periodically to lubricate your feet into the cream is this cremekur your good friend. It is easy and gives a longer lasting result. This is easy to do because the work, while you still sleep.

1. Tires your feet with a good layer of peace sour

2. Ta ‘ first a plastic bag at his feet, then a pair of thick socks

3. Go to bed and slept

Next day wakes you with fine and soft feet.

Comfortable shoes
Vanity in my younger years has offered me many summers with sore feet in shoes which, although was nice, but just not very good at my feet, on a hot day quickly grows in size. Challenges with my feet are not diminished by the fact that ten years ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in the feet.

Anyway, it has been a long road for me to surrender myself to the pleasant and give buy on the chic. Three years ago my mother forced me to try a pair of FitFlop. I did it under protest, but today I like to admit, that the day in Illum was one of those days, where there is a before and after on the good way.

Today is my FitFlop my absolute favorite summer shoes. There is room for the feet grow in the course of the day and the support foot and is therefore very comfortable to wear.

I have two pair. They are by now three years old, but one can come closer to not see that they have been used. Therefore, they are also, in my opinion, a good investment.

In the EUROPEAN UNION-shop is that FitFlops simply so much to choose from. I would like to have a couple new to the collection, and is at the time of writing the right snug to these:

FitFlop, size 35-43, ca. 635 kroner, FitFlop

And if it should be a little less fodformet …… have I tossed my love on Geox. I bought my first couple on a vacation in Italy and more have come to the page. Many of their models are made with a special sole which makes that the feet can breath better. I also think that this makes the shoes soft sole and therefore comfortable to wear. This means that me and my troublesome feet have the quite excellent in their wedges, as I have a nice little collection of.

Currently there are outlets in their webshop. I have look at these:

Wedges, size 36-41, ca. 705 USD + shipping, Geox