Comment: Disappointment Over the Iphone 4s?

A reality check…
What has been done in the past 15 months for a hype about the supposed iPhone 5-since display sizes of four inches and more were thrown into the room, NFC and other wonders.The no integrated coffee machine with the analysts was on the list of desirable features, is a miracle. And then came “only” the iPhone 4S-presented by a visibly shaken Tim Cook who knew that his friend and mentor Steve Jobs was already dying. Is Apple really ending up?Steve Jobs has, of course, the innovator died, but Apple has now also sufficient Cashreserven and coworkers who can not fill the gap, but still provide a sufficiently high development leap ahead of the competitors. In this context, let’s just look at the circumstances that have made Apple successful so far and clarify the question as if iPhone 4S is actually such a big disappointment.
At first we take care of the rumors that were around the web before the launch of the new iPhones. The most common were certainly a different form factor, a larger display and LTE.Larger displays and partial LTE are already seen among the competitors, here we now almost reach the five-inch mark for a smart phone, while Apple also with only 3.5 inches, since 2007 the market before and hitherto set the benchmark ,

Display Size: Does size matter?
Do you really need a larger display? Are not more pixels on a small display more meaningful?After all, you can drive an average hand with your thumb across the entire display and use the iPhone one-handed. Is this also possible with a smart phone with a four-inch display?Probably not. Here Apple had already made the decision in 2007 and remains – because less is more, in the case of the iPhone stop the Retina display with more pixels on the same area.This keeps the iPhone as handy as it should be.

LTE: Can still wait?
LTE is certainly a nice, advertising-effective feature, but use is certainly no one, because there are no well developed networks so far. If we remember 2007, at the first iPhone, then installed Apple first only EDGE, although likewise UMTS in the coming or already standard was. Reasons for Apple at that time: Battery time and state of the art, at that time UTMS was not to be pressed into the form factor of the iPhones. It did not damage Apple, UMTS came with the successor. This circumstance is now synonymous with LTE – or as it is also called in the USA, 4G-. Not yet available, LTE chips are not yet small enough to fit into the iPhone along with the other chips.

Form factor: The same procedure as every year?
In the form factor, there were always rumors about a major change. In the past, Apple’s iPhone 2G was followed by a new design, then the improvement of the model ( 3GS), then again a redesigned iPhone 4, now turn “only” an improvement of the model (4S). This has always been the case and will always remain so.

Small side note: The iPhone 4 is the iPhone that has sold so far best, and although it was already 15 months (longer than usual) offered and there was more rumors that a successor should be presented. Why should something change? Also, the iPhone 4 will certainly remain a best seller. The criticism that the iPhone 4S is not a sufficiently good successor for the iPhone 4, we have already heard in the iPhone 3G, and also in the iPad 2. Nevertheless, the devices sell as cut bread. And the users of the 3G will be pleased about an iPhone 4S, I also know friends who still have the 3G and switch to the iPhone 4S now – no one is annoyed about the update.

IOS 5 and Co: Is software crucial?
The 12th of October 2011 will be a feast for Apple fans – so much software has never been released from Cupertino on this one day. The iCloud goes online, iOS 5.0 comes on the market, iTunes is presented in a new version and Lion is updated to be ready for the iCloud.This gives Apple a massive lead over the competition and (hopefully) binds many customers into their cloud – who is once in it pulls reluctantly.

Voice recognition: revolution in operation?
With Siri , Apple has already ushered in the next revolution of service: voice recognition on the next level. (As the case may be, “SMS” or “Call” together with a name from the telephone book). The statement is then executed.

With Siri, the natural speech recognition comes into play which comprehends the context of the sentence and thus can query information. For example, Siri can access services such as Mail, Safari, Messages, and the Weather app. The user can control the apps and services with Siri, and also query information, for example, whether you need an umbrella or not. If Siri can not answer the question from the iPhone, the request is forwarded to Google or Wolfram Alpha and the output read to the user. All this can not be the competition so far and Apple has great chances to claim the market leadership in this field, while the competition behind scores. Certainly, with voice recognition, a lot has happened in the past few years, but the approach that Apple is currently implementing, no one has ever offered before. Likewise conceivable: Via the iPhone, companies can then again use their own App Siri.

Apple has certainly not disappointed, with the last Keynote and the iPhone 4S , but on a high level its position manifested and will proceed from this position further. Even without Steve Jobs, the company can or will continue to be at the forefront of the competition and the competitors are likely to make a mistake. Market shares will not be critical as always, but above all the margin-the money that Apple directly deserves. Of course also important the happy customer, who likes to pay the (higher) price for a good product.

Editor’s PS: Just the recent flutters Apple press release in, quote: “Apple today announced that in a single day over one million iPhone 4S have been pre-ordered and therefore the previous record with the iPhone 4 of 600,000 pre-orders in one day Was exceeded. “