Corset Guides

Here we try you a little, to bring the world closer to the corset to help those of you who have found here on taste corset, started something. Normally I would say that your own experience is the best guide is .However, in this case would be the bad experiences that makes you inevitably very expensive. This in turn leads to, so that läßt. Wer remain there after 2 or even 3 Try all to blindly plunges into the adventure corset be warned.

So let’s start:

We distinguish roughly between 2 types of corsets:

  1. Excess breast corset
  2. Underbust

The difference lies essentially in the fact that a Corset, as the name suggests, the chest includes, while the underbust comes to an end below the breasts. Overbust Corsets are usually worked very costly for the eye and thus a pity to hide under clothing .For two corset style is the lower end as the pelvic bones that unobstructed seats is possible.

Moreover, one should bear directly on the skin a corset never. For bodysuits shapewear or special corset liners are ideally suited.

We are generally of the opinion that a garment that is mounted as close to the body, should be made to measure. Nothing is worse than an ill-fitting or not fitting corset.

Why is never excluded in clothing corsets that they do not fit properly. Especially in the area of ​​the chest and the hip bone, it can then lead to unpleasant aching bruises. It should be noted that in a laced corset should be able always, at the top so easy one as the lower corset edge to insert two fingers in. In a well-seated in the corset laced condition should the two Ösenreihen through which the cord is threaded, parallel and perpendicular to each other exactly. If all these criteria are met, you should have no problems with wearing a corset.

Corset for Women

That is, a corset may not cause pain. But you have to get used to as a beginner once thereto. Thus, pressure pain after a while can hardly be excluded, especially in the area of ​​the chest. Here every beginner should trust his feelings and take off the corset before it gets really uncomfortable. Excessive zeal does not do well in this case. But after a few days you realize itself that it can be worn always easier and abate the initial discomfort quickly. One has to imagine how a pair of new shoes to the approximately. The more regularly you wearing a corset, the faster the body gets used to it. Even the corset must give a while time until it has adapted to the body. For even the substance is the time for a bit and also acts a lot softer.

In addition to positive and negative breast corsets, there are also different sections, the magic also in accordance with the section a different silhouette. The most classic would be the Hour Glass Corset (hourglass corset) .Here are hip and chest firmly enclosed and simply shaped and reduces the waist. This cut is indeed sometimes the most convenient interface, but looks through the geschmälerte waist from pretty artificial.

Then there there are the most beautiful for me the form, namely the V-Shape Corset (V-shape), which imparts a V-shape to the upper body and thereby emphasizes the hip extraordinary. But here is already a good deal of exercise needed. Because here the lower ribs sheets are pressed together in order to achieve this V-shape. But to carry this type of corset is possible if you have enough practice … and looks simply stunning.

The most unusual form is the S-Line-corset. Here, the front hook closure (planchette) is amplified so that he can give one iota after. Waist and lower ribs are very strong and tightly laced. This pelvis is pushed backwards and the belly disappears never to be seen again .From the side of the upper body is viewed from the breast to the Po pressed into a mold corresponding to a S. It looks as if you could leave a glass of beer on the Po. However, this section does require the most practice and looks very unnatural.

Between these forms there are some nuances. The time now to explain here would probably go beyond the scope. But with all these different forms it takes after entering a waist reduction of about 10 cm can be reached. Whether it should be more or less now decides the wearer ultimately and finally himself. we can assure one but surely: are appearing Wherever “YOU” dressed; they realize that they are noticed …. and in the most positive sense. We have at least made the experience that our girls have always sparked much enthusiasm.