Cosmetics and Deadlines: When it’s time to Throw them?

We used to have drawers full of beauty and cosmetic products and between new exciting and unmissable collections limited edition give up buying other products is virtually impossible.

Now of all cosmetic products is available on the PAO, a small symbol that portrays an open jar and that indicates the duration of a product from the opening and the deadline can vary from 3 to 24 months. as a cosmetic hardly lasts more than two years, the question arises, if I have 10 foundations, 54 lipsticks, eye shadows and a billion one face how do i eat them all? do not panic, with a bit ‘of organization we can keep our cosmetics well past the expiration date, provided you buy sealed products so we know the exact opening date, that’s why it’s really distasteful open products to smell it or see the color better. for simplicity, we can divide the products into 3 categories.

Creme & Co

As for creams, and face creams, body creams, make-up removers and products for hair care, the secret is to pay close attention to texture, color, and fragrance, for if after the expiry date of these features remain the same, we can safely continue to use these products.


For solar products, there is little you can do over the summer are trashed because the protective schemes against UVA and UVB rays deteriorate and therefore can not be stored for the following year.

Make up

For the make up you can not make a general point, it is necessary to distinguish the various types of products.
The foundation does not change consistency if you can safely continue to use; lipsticks can also be used after the expiry date if you do not alter the color or appearance.
The eyeshadows and blush last a lifetime and their moment comes only when they are not writers, but the situation is different when it comes to products cream which, alas, tend to dry out and therefore difficult to be able to use them after the deadline.
to finish off the mascara, which tend to dry out after a few months and then personally always recommend to open up to 3 at a time to avoid having to throw a dozen all together because they open at once and then forgotten at the bottom of beauty.

These rules are worth much more than the PAO and indeed necessary to pay attention to all the features of the product even before the deadline, because the product may be damaged before and then you have to delete it in advance.