Craftsmanship: FAQ about Leather Pants

And the male flagship Bayer is perfect For the Oktoberfest, the family celebration or the wedding in the costume of the best friend. Today we want to tell you what the leather is, why you should have at least one specimen in your wardrobe and how to keep the pre-printed copies of the leather pants best and to last a lifetime.

Craftsmanship: FAQ about Leather Pants

The crackle leather is produced from this

You want to buy a crackle leather and arrange this with your ethical conscience?A crinkly trouser is usually made from tanned deer leather or another soft leather.While Rothirschleder usually has its origin in Australia or Australia due to injury-free qualities, industrial production is often used as a material for the carcass leather.Bovine leather is only used for leather trousers, which are produced in bulk.Correct animal husbandry and crack leather are not a contradiction in themselves, only the material is decisive.

The history of popular pants

You mean to know the costume story?We have our doubts!For, as the Dirndl, we know how to love and love the noise, it does not last very long.More specifically, this is a very young and resourceful invention from the Wittelsbach house.Krarachlederne and Dirndl had political purposes because they were to make the differences between Frank, Schwabens, the Palatinate and Bavaria into a cultural identity.Also the noise was not a labor gap of the farmers – contrary to the wacky opinion.In combination with a hat and loden jacket, she was the garment of noble and noble hunters.You can find more detailed information about traditional costumes here .

Clean carpet leather: the right care

Leather pants are traditionally very long durable with information from But upps?There is a slice of pork cut at the last folk festival?No danger, all easy going!The crackle leather has only achieved the perfect appearance when it is nicely bodied.Sticky beer benches, spilled measure, and greasy fingers cultivate the pants, so to speak.As a matter of fact, the Lederhose is called “Speckleanz”.But if you do not want to mess up like a mudflap for the family party, we have some tips and tricks on how to clean your carpet leather.

  1. Your pants have been properly cigarette smoke and pans?Bleed leather pants!
  2. The crackle leather has got unpleasant (eating) stains?But just do not wash in the washing machine!Clean leather pants goes with leatherbrush, leather eraser and in the extreme emergency sponge, cold water and lubricating soap.
  3. More insider knowledge, how to clean the Lederhose, you can read in this post.

Shoes for leather trousers

Many masters of creation can not survive without their sneakers!And every year she gets the same agonizing question: What shoes to leather pants ?The only real shoes for gentlemen are the coffee shoes.But care: Just do not forget the matching accessory: the Trachtensocken / stockings .The hand-knitted woolen socks cover the knights of the gentlemen, but emphasize them at the same time.Is there a “shoes to leather pants” alternative?If the gentlemen can not get along with the traditional shoes, they should slip into modern leather shoes.Black or dark brown shoes – color matching the carpet leather – let us go as well!Now the sex switch: You ask yourself, what shoes can wear to the leather pants woman?Women have a greater diversity of combinations and can decide, depending on the taste, whether they prefer pumps, ballerinas or the coffee shoes are appropriate shoes to the leather pants.Only high-heels with ten centimeter high heels are not suitable as Oktoberfest shoes for leather pants.Who wants to spend the whole day with these shoes in the Festzelt?

What shirt for the leather pants?

Crinkle leather without costume shirt ?This leaves the look half-finished.While the gentlemen are quite tied with regard to their choice of “shoes for leather pants”, they have more room for their traditional dresses.From classic traditional to casual, everything is allowed!The white costume shirt is the classic for the crackle leather.The combination is carried on chic and festive occasions.If there is no dress code for the events, you can take the checkered variant.Whether big or small checks in red, blue or dark green – for the crackle leather and her costume shirt is true: Everything must, nothing must!

The accessories

The crash leather without matching accessories ?Thus, the style-conscious trader of today is not satisfied.Nothing is better than a charivari to neatly inflate the leather pants.The costume jewelery is too oldschool for your taste?A costume belt also cools the crackle leather.The very stylish covers their heads in a cool traditional hat.

Krachlederne buy online at Ludwig & Therese

You are considering the purchase of a crackle leather?Have you targeted a dark brown knot and trousers?Or rather a medium brown short leather pants?No matter what you’re looking for, at the Ludwig & Therese online shop you’ll find the leather braids in numerous colors, different lengths and differently different embellishments.Throw the good piece into the shopping cart and let the crackle leather simply deliver home.

You are looking for a crack leather in modern and casual?
 Here we introduce you an alternative popular leather trousers.