Cronologics Smart Watch

Is coming to market a new smartwatch made by Jibin123, wearable and mobile devices company. CoWatch is looking for funding on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and, in the event that the campaign will end positively, will be the first smart watch to be equipped with the operating system Cronological OS developed by “ex Google and Android veterans” and speech recognizer Alexa powered by Amazon.

Compatible with iOS and Android, CoWatch offers a sleek, cloud-based connectivity, an AMOLED screen and a battery that can last up to 32 hours.

“We spent the last year to develop CoWatch and we are extremely happy to present it on the North American market via Indiegogo,” said founder and CEO of iMCO Danny Dong. “Starting with the best hardware and its elegant construction, CoWatch is fully integrated with the new platform Cronologics and the voice service of Amazon Alexa to provide convenience and added functionality for the first time available for the community of wearables.”

CoWatch offers the new cloud-based voice service Alexa, allowing users to get answers to questions about traffic, weather or simply to control the products associated with its smart-home as lights, thermostats, sensors, and doors. There’s no shortage of activity-tracking capabilities, such as monitoring pulse rate and other parameters for the management and control of your physical activity.

The next SDK will enable developers to create new watch face, applications and other services to make customizable the device. The basics are still very respectable: smartwatch offers a Super AMOLED display from 1.72 inches from 400 x 400 pixel density of 286ppi, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, an accelerometer, gyroscope, a digital compass, a heartbeat sensor, Bluetooth connectivity and a battery 300mAh can offer a range of 32 hours in Always-on mode. The smartwatch is water and dust resistant (IP67certification) and zirconium ceramic and steel shell.


“The CoWatch is perfectly suited to the lifestyles of our customers, both functionally and stylistically,” said co-founder and CEO of Cronologics Leor Stern.”Collaborating with iMCO, we have been able to offer a highly intuitive user experience to our customers, built around a clock based on design, regardless of clock who have in their pockets”.

CoWatch is available at the special price of $ 159, while the funding campaign – just begun – will end next month.