Cropped In Winter? See 3 Look Tips | Office Fashion

The tops shorts, called cropped, extended the duration of the validity of trends – and also around different styles. Please note: before the croppeds were unique to girls of thin bodies in ballads, today dress well multiple silhouettes and earn the ageless seal, i.e. no age, and may be used by who you feel good about them.

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Oh! Also lost the sensual connotation to rhyme with elegance, of course always combined with sophisticated parts and (very important) high waist, leaving only a bit of the abdomen. Our suggestions might wear well everybody that is in order to adopt the coveted model. Follow!

  1. Cropped + Long Skirt + Oxford + Small Bag

A minimalist and refined version, as well as extremely comfortable. Bet on long skirts of straight lines and in discreet and neutral tones. They dress well even wider hips and women, thanks to the narrow kerf, tend to elongate the silhouette. Charminho extra? The Oxford.

  1. Tailoring + Pants Cropped High Waist + Sandal Thin Strips + Pouch Soft

Contemporary version for visual work, with tailoring pants high waist. The pants should be straight cut without pleats, which makes it even more versatile. What is interesting is that the cropped take the old-fashioned, so to speak, of the classic and essential pants model. Femininity is highlighted by the Sandals of thin strips.

  1. Cropped + Skirt + Jeans + Jacket Emblazoned Over The Knee

Here a mixture more daring, with a daily way of using a skirt emblazoned, combined with a Jean jacket and boots OUTLOOK. Applies to any print pants, but watch the skirt model: evasês cuts, opening a little towards the bar, pencil and modeling the trumpet style are the best alternatives. The jeans skirt, and simplifies the sophisticated boot everything. Simple and fine.