Crossbody Bags for Plus Size Women

Like the fashionable length dresses varies from year to year, change the size of the it bag of the season itself also from season to season.

For this season, it was the large bags that were worn on the catwalk, and it is a perfect trend for the thick woman.

As with everything else in relation to your attire, you must choose the bag that gives you the feeling of well-being and fits the context, you must use the bag in. But if you intentionally want to go after that highlight your forms in the best possible way, is the big bag your really good companion.

That is why big bags perfect for the thick body
The perfect bag creates balance in your appearance. Therefore it must suit your proportions.

This means in short: great body = big bag

A small bag makes your body look even bigger, because a small bag will be “overshadowed” by the size of your body. It comes easy to look like a little silly appendage that does not fit to the rest of you. A larger bag that fits your body, otherwise works as a natural part of your overall appearance, because of the natural fit with your size.

Therefore, you may want to “test” your new bag on quite the same way as you try clothes. Style yourself in front of a mirror with your bag and rate whether it is working positively for the overall appearance or whether it makes you appear larger, because it is simply too small.


Cube on the color

Yellow, 239.97 USD + shipping, Saint Sulpice with Neye

Red, $ 299.95. + evt.

Classic,Pieces of cargo

Brown, $ 299.95. + evt. freight, Vero Moda

Light, ca. 370 USD + shipping, Accessorize

Black, 239.97 USD + shipping, Saint Sulpice with Neye

genuine leather Black, 999 USD + shipping, H &

Blue, 3600 M DKK, Decadent

Brown, 1390 USD + shipping, & other stories

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