Curves Ahead Magazine

Curves Ahead is Denmark’s first online magazine about plus size fashion. It was created for you, who have tried to leave a clothing store empty-handed because there wasn’t anything that fit. To you, who cannot use the existing fashion magazine tips, tricks and guides for anything. To you, who primarily go into clothing, because it suits – not because it’s the style. And to you, who would like to experience that you can fit all the clothes, which will be shown on the fashion pages.

On Curves Ahead you will find everything that women get in the fashion stores – but here you get it with a plus. We take as our starting point in round shapes and thick bodies. We interpret the season’s trends to suit you. We’ll show you the best shopping right now – with a guarantee that you can actually get it in your size. We will guide to the proper profile, patterns and details. We give you tips and reveal the tricks that get the best in your body. And we promise never, ever to call you for a ‘ big girl ‘! In other words, Curves Ahead is an indispensable toolkit for you, who would like to learn how to get your body and your wardrobe to cooperate.

Has apparel business can afford to ignore us?
Our starting point for Curves Ahead is a sincerely desired to have the same opportunities as the mainstream sizes. We want out of the base models and tent dresses. We will show the bust, waist, butt and hips. And we will be able to dress in the trends prevailing right now.

Therefore, we hope the magazine can inspire the chunky women serious as customers. Inspire them to make clothes that actually represent the season’s trends – cut to bodies. Inspire them to create inviting and beautiful flagship stores on the Danish shopping street – instead of storing away in webshops. To exhibit our sizes in store Windows – and to present plus size clothing on delicious displays in stores. For at Curves Ahead we have long thought it strange that a significant part of the fashion industry think it can afford to ignore such a large group of women.

Welcome to the Curves Ahead – good style found in all sizes!