Curvy Women Plus Size Model

We enjoy showing you our outfits, new purchases, good tricks and everything else that helps you to get the best out of your shape – and not least to show the rest of the world that great style can be found in all sizes. That is why we have been looking photo album for the year that has passed through and found our favorites above. We have your favorite picture with? If not, then post a link to your favorite image in the comment field below!


picture 1:
Pictures say more than 1000 words. I love these two image because they, in all its simplicity shows why it makes a difference to tuck the blouse down the skirt. It is close to my heart, because it was one of the first pictures that made it clear to us that the Curves Ahead could really inspire and make a difference for Hbbltd.
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image 2:
When I look at the picture now, is my first thought, that I could just as well have cleaned up in the bedroom before I took it. But the kind of thought I delete not on when it was taken. There I was as totally euphoric because I here is under way in the city with just over arms for the first time in many years, right in the wake of the project “free the upper arms”.
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Image 3:
I grew up with the concept of the soft trousers, which was introduced in the family of my grandmother. The soft trousers is short and well a roomy trousers with rubber band in the waist. It has been a great pleasure from time to time to sneak a soft trousers into an article.
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Picture 4:
Me in lace dress evoked both stir and debate. For thick ladies, cannot go in so tight in dress – of course we can, if we so desire. I love this picture because it shows a new way and makes up with preconceptions about what we as plus-ladies can and can’t do.
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picture 5:
This dress was bought with great enthusiasm but was still close to smoking return, when I discovered that I had bought a piece of clothing from H & Ms wait collection. However, to retain the ended. For maternity dresses or not – the perfect fit. Therefore it also ended up being one of the pieces of clothing, I used most over the summer.
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HA picture 1:
This image is the oldest picture I have of my mother and me. I love the tenderness, there is in it (and my mother’s wild 1070 ’ is-shirt with laaange flipper) – because I also see the many years that came afterwards. Good years, where my mother never criticized my body or weight. Something, which I attribute to the fact I have to my body today. I wrote a column about it, as many of you responded very personally. Both with stories about the mothers, who have been the same, and stories about the families, where the harsh words unfortunately fell far too easily in the direction of young, impressionable minds. I hope that everyone in there has got low self worth with from home can find safety and security in the universe, you have helped to create around the Curves Ahead.
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image 2:
This was one of the first pictures of me on the Curves Ahead. The dress is my absolute favorite dress, since it was the one who got me started with that go in print. Momme will surely say that this dress is still my comfort zone, because it is so dark, but it was a huge step for me. And the proof of that, more often than not come good things out of doing something we’ve never done before.
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Image 3:
The blue top here was one of the many tops I bought on my summer holiday in New York. To show them rather than you, dear readers, was a beard exercise. Top here has been the of the five peaks, which are being used the most. I use it to soft a few mens inspired pants a little up – like with my black cashmere cardigan over. It gives a little pop of color on the days when I otherwise would just be drawn in black from head to toe.
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Picture 4:
In connection with our great festkjole theme earlier this year I showed my own party dresses rather – one for each sense, I can have when I stand in front of the mirror. It was wildly fun – and in every way a really wise thing. For as I was shooting, I had to stand on your head in my wardrobe to find the dresses above. I discovered a lot of clothes, I had completely forgotten I had (No. I do not have the world’s most organized wardrobe) – and therefore was the little photo session a gift. It felt as though I got a lot of new clothes. Hooray! That’s why it’s a good idea to review your wardrobe on a regular basis. Even beloved items can be forgotten in stråleglansen of new things.
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picture 5:
The small case with glasses that fit a plus size-face is for me the essence of it, Momme and I’d like to with Curves Ahead. For it is not only the size of the vehicle, it’s about when women plus size shopper style. There must also be a more elaborate fit for, and a long way along the way, our accessories also adapted to another form than to the mainstream sizes. That’s why there is a need for Curves Ahead in the middle of the ocean of all the other fashion magazines – to guide you to find the right thing that gets you to take you best of all out and straighter the back even more.
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Are you agree with our selection of images – or do you have another favorite from the year that has gone on Curves Ahead? Post a link to your favorite history including – and tell why it worked for you.