Customized Handbags Guide

Since Sunday, I’ve been getting several emails from people asking about the bag that I used on the look that I posted here on the blog (this one, with my nominho written). And, as you who run around here, I’m here to talk a little more about this whole thing to customize/customize bags.

The truth is that this movement is not new. And, in my humble opinion, he is a direct result of a long process of massification of fashion that comes rolling in recent decades. So brand producing equal products in bulk (not to mention the pirates), people (especially the most wealthiest) began to want different things, exclusive, personalised.

Not for nothing, the first brands to embrace the wave were the hottest. The Louis Vuitton led the movement in the back, when Marc Jacobs began to invite artists to do interventions in classical models of the brand. The first one I remember was the Stephen Sprouse laaaaaaá in 2001. After he already had Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, the twins, damn, way too many people.

The collections in partnership with the artists were all limited, that is, in the end the goal was to even make something that was already regarded as super premium, even more exclusive.

But nothing can be more unique than have a bag that carries your name, huh? Well, the Louis Vuitton came to this same conclusion and for some time now offers the service of customizing their classic handbags. You determine the initials and colors and they paint by hand in your bag.

Another known by the customization was the Goyard: the initials painted on top of your traditional print flipped over a classic.

The Fendi also made noise with that story when put in the hands of people like Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker, custom templates with the name of each one of the girls.

And then came the guys who took the customization to the next level, the level of scholarship turn into works of art really exclusive. I follow the Boyarde on Instagram for quite some time and, despite her services are absolutely out of my reality (she gets to charge $3000 to customize a single bag), I love to follow the work of the girl. Their creations, always in pop art climate, are good-natured and good taste out of the curve.

Well, now let’s get back to reality, huh? Because I don’t know about you, but pay the price of the rent to customize a bag that costs the price of a popular car isn’t really my thing.

The good news is that this whole thing to customize is descending from Olympus and gradually begins to be a little more possible for people like us. A young lady that I love brazilian track is Juliana There. Ju’s creations are fun (like her) and super eclectic. You can see that she makes each bag thinking what the client wants. Is a great way to give a new look to an old purse (and does not need to be not very stylish designer bag, Ju customizes a everything).

At the beginning of the year, the Samuel tried to get into it by launching the collection Schutz Tag Me, three models of bags that could be customized with stickers, cute little face with pop.

The Adô is a trademark of UASZ here Darling for a long time and one of the things I love is that they offer the service of customizing some of their models. Super useful for capinhas passport and bag tags.

Finally, the style Goyard (but with much more affordable prices) the Fad did the customization, an integral part of your business. The idea is to allow the customer to choose each element that makes up the bag, starting with the model, leather color, pattern and, of course, the initials.

The cool thing is that all the print options and colors were thought to result in classical pieces that combine with absolutely everything. Not cheap, but the quality and versatility make up for a lot.

And, of course, just as we did with the sneakers from Vans, also to yourself your own customize the bag, an option that ends up being a lot more into account. You just have to be careful not to spoil a beautiful bag with a picture as beautiful (who remembers the Birkin that Kanye gave Kim?). My tip is to bet in simple drawings or more “abstract”. Here are some inspirations that I’ve been searching to see if I do around here.

In the end, no matter how you personalize or customize to your bag, the cool thing is to have an accessory that is to your face and willingness to use a lot and always.