Dear Samsung, Which Maybe If We Leave The Comparative with IPhone?

Dear Samsung:

You know that Android fans are very pleased with the effort that you’ve contributed to that Android could become what: a great ecosystem, with an enormous variety of terminals and an infinite number of applications for everyone that squeeze the most hardware. We are also very pleased with the impressive terminals that you are launching, as this pepinaco which is the Galaxy SII, or the preciousness of the Galaxy Nexus, current standard-bearer for the own Google.

That is why it seems to me extremely stupid and counterproductive advertising campaign The Next Big Thing that you are releasing, in which don’t do anything comparing your products with the iPhone. We have encountered with several new ads online, which add to the previous ones, and that revolve around the same idea: mine is longer, yours is shorter. Until you have paid a grassland through a hole in the Super Bowl.

And I don’t like for various reasons, Samsung. To begin with, because the iPhone is a great terminal also. And because even if you weigh, form tails in front of stores, thing happens not on the same scale with your releases. Instead of acting as a capricious child with a temper tantrum, I recommend you to think why you not you go and try to change it.

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In Apple they are only selling the brand. They have spent a long time to construct a philosophy about it, and have succeeded in creating its own ecosystem. This approach has its drawbacks, but once they have managed to make it work the advantages are more than evident. You you’ve incorporated (and have enhanced) to an ecosystem created by a third-party, Google. The approach also has its advantages and disadvantages, not better or worse than the Apple, but it’s a different battle requires a different strategy.

Thinks that who bought an iPhone … between what should one choose? Between iOS and the rest. What’s more, many even choose: they are faithful to Apple, have Mac and iPad, and iPhone is a convenient extension. A smartphone from another company would not adapt equal to your day to day. But between what you choose who buys one of your terminals?

Since you have chosen among a wide range of terminals Android. Some even have there will be raised an iPhone, of course, but for which it has clear Android option, doubt is between your Terminal and your direct competition in this ecosystem. Do you have raised to what extent insult the intelligence of those who they chose Android?

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Ask yourself this: really don’t have nothing better to say of your terminals? really think that? is the only way to sell your terminals laugh competition? That is not to tell a lot about your product. And already laughing at the competition, it would not be happened to you a situation more realistic or more fun? The elaborate ad of the Super Bowl, are you sure that needed the reference to Apple from the beginning to work?

Because of this campaign, to us it is more difficult to defend the advantages of Android versus those that do not see beyond Apple. You give them arguments to fans of the Apple. To help in this way, in truth, better that don’t help.

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