Decoration with Christmas Lights: Ideas for the Whole Year!

An old excuse for not decorating the house for the holiday season is that it does not pay to invest in elements that will only be used once a year. If this is your argument to let the celebrations go blank, it is worth betting on the Christmas lights, the popular blinker.

Decoration with Christmas Lights: Ideas for the Whole Year!

The strings of lights, besides giving a touch of originality to the environments, can be used after the holiday month is over and are easily found.And the best, at this time of the year they still have a special ticket at Thony Hardware stores!

Check out the suggestions we have selected for you and let your creativity go year-round in your home decor!

Light spot

If you prefer a discreet decoration, it is best to curl lightly on some furniture or wall of the house.To avoid drawing too much attention, opt for white and fixed lights (ie, they do not flash).If the idea is to make a more cheerful appearance, use colored lights or flashing lights.

A pinch of creativity

Want to go a little further and leave the environment even more original?How about creating a different drawing with the string, leaving the lights hanging?For this use nails or even adhesive tapes.It is also worth using the lights to fill in different objects such as bottles, cages, letters and whatever else your imagination commands.

Letting go of the imagination

And for those who are full of inspirations and do well in manual labor, how about customizing the blinker?Disposable cups, brigadeiro cups, colored paper … it’s worth everything!But attention, it is important that the lights are of LED because they heat less, away the danger of fire when in contact with other materials.